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    Favorite Youtube channels

    Dr Ashens Lazy Game Reviews Linus Tech Tips/Channel Super Fun The Jeremy Kyle Show. 4 Youtube channels that will fill up my dinnertimes at work.
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    Tusenfryd | Ragnarok | Water Rapids

    Kinda weird for them to open the ride with the bare minimum done to get it open but given the adorable size of Tusenfryd I can't blame them for being pushed to open it. That being said it's better than any rapids ride in the uk. **** thing decided to piss a whole wave over my legs...
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    The Games we play...

    Been playing a lot of Bloodborne over the last year, it was definitely worth my purchase of the PS4 as I've put a crap load of hours into it despite it not being as re-playable as Dark Souls 1 and 2. Really Looking Forward to Dark Souls 3 this year, shame I had missed out on the really big...
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    SeaWorld Orlando | Mako | B&M Hyper Coaster

    Looks pretty neat. Should be fun, you can't really go wrong with a B&M hyper and it gives a nice expansion to the ride list.
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    PIAP: The Pass-It-Around-Park Project

    Bright Pink and Ice blue <3
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    PIAP: The Pass-It-Around-Park Project

    Re: PIAP: Pass It Around Park Yo, I'll join in :3
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    Bad Experiences with Other Enthusiasts

    Ah, can't say that. It's a Siiiin.
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    The Games we play...

    I should be playing more GTA V but I've been meticulously charging at Dark Souls. On my way to the infamous Blighttown. It's taken me 4 attempts to get into playing but I do admire the game. It's beautifully crafted in it's game design and stylistically even if I couldn't do it cuz i woz...
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    The Games we play...

    Re: RE: The Games we play... You just ain't lookin'!
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    The Games we play...

    So after gettin all of Metal Gear and all of The Elder Scrolls I'm gunna buy GTA V. Also got Hotline miami and some other stuff to play Oh dear.
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    Knoebels | Flying Turns | In house construction

    Re: Knoebels | Thats what ment. I was trying to make a point about thenloss in capacity in relation to knoebels and other crap but with Joey being all whiney as per usual there seemed no point.
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    The Games we play...

    Final Mix was a Remastered JP version with the few thing that were released internationally plus a bit more. A couple things teasing KH 2 and Chain Of Memories stuffy thingy. KH2's Final Mix plus added a **** load more stuff and had a lot more prettying up done to it.
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    Clothes: Comfort or Fashion?

    I understood what Mark was trying to say until the quote, then it just... collapsed. i dun get it.
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    Favorite form of entertainment media?

    Video games. +1