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    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas* - or ‘how X2 ruined my life'

    Re: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas* - or ‘how X2 ruined my l Great report! I remember having a similar feeling of anxiety at SFMM to get everything done! Sad to hear Apocalypse has gone downhill - I rode back row in 2010 and it was incredible. Your report reminded me exactly how SFMM is though...
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    Alton towers dead, (rumor or fact)?

    I went to Thorpe on Tuesday last week, they were running 2 trains on all the major rides (apart from Saw obviously) and none of the roller coasters could maintain a queue of more than 5 minutes. They were even letting you get off Stealth and jump on the train in front if there was nobody in the...
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    The Games we play...

    ^^Too many games seem to have R2 as the main button these days!
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    ^So you've changed your mind since 2011 then? Unless you thought the rest was really bad haha. I've read quite a few, as already mentioned Tales of the Towers and Wardley's biography are both good. Currently reading the Universal one by Nick Sim. I have read both Theme Park Design and Building...
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    Independent vs Corporate parks

    This is a tough one. On the one hand, I really dislike Six Flags. I hate their copy & paste policy and I don't think I've liked any of their parks I've been to. But on the other hand, they've given us Kingda Ka, El Toro, Tatsu, X2, Bizarro... the list goes on. Without the corporate element, it...
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    Creds from your Year of Birth

    Apparently this opened on the day I was born: Nice. The ones I've ridden from '93 are: Batman (SFGAdv) Flight Deck (CGA) Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril (DLRP) Kumba (BGT) Ladybird (LWV)
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    Nemesis: Sit BackWARDS? It's fright time.

    The 21st birthday 'event' has been announced on Alton's facebook page:
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    Adventure Island PTR

    Ahh this is a park I still need to get to. Haven't done the standard Eurofighter model yet but I do expect it to be better than Saw which seems to lack a lot of force.
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    Theme park architects/designers

    I have read a couple of books by Steve Alcorn called Theme Park Design and Building a Better Mouse (easily found through google). He worked for WED during the building of Epcot mainly on the electronics side but the first book I mentioned goes into much more detail about general attraction...
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    Iron Reef for Knotts Berry Farm

    Re: Iron Reef for Knotts At first I thought this was going to be another Port Aventura Sea Odyssey but then realised it's a shooter, meaning it might actually be pretty decent. It should be a good addition to the park since from what I remember they don't have many (if any) interactive or dark...
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    Orlando, Atlantic City, Vegas, etc. Skyscrapers | ThrillCorp

    Re: I Drive Orlando | Skyscraper| US Thrill Rides This thing looks amazing, some of those elements are ridiculous. Does anyone know what they're using to drive the lift (which looks very steep!)? A single chain seems a bit of an ask for something this high but then again if it's so steep I...
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    2013 Attendance Report

    Attendance figures for 2013 can be found via the link below.
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    Mitch Hawker 2013 Steel Poll

    The Smiler was the first thing I noticed, I'm amazed it's as high as 38.
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    Mitch Hawker 2013 Steel Poll

    Top 30: Shambhala Port Aventura ES,y,n,1 X2 Six Flags Magic Mo CA,y,n,2 Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,y,3 Montu Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,4 Nemesis Alton Towers UK,y,y,5 California Screamin' Disney CA...
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    The Games we play...

    Got Assassin's Creed IV and NFS: Rivals with the PS4 for Christmas. Never played any of the previous Assassin's Creeds before this one but I'm really getting into it. I didn't really read up on it or anything before getting it so I'm enjoying working through the story mode. I do think the...