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Your Top 10 coasters that you've ridden the least


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After creating my coaster count spreadsheet (yeah, I finally got around to it) I realized how little I've ridden many of my top coasters and started wondering if others have done similarly. I also noticed that many of my favorites dropped quite a bit the more I rode them. Guess that's just normal now days with so many new rides compared to how it was when I first joined CF.

Anyway, I've ridden my #1 - Lightning Rod twice, my #2 - Steel Vengeance once and #9 - Helix twice. Compare that to my original #1 - El Toro, which I rode 334 times (now #8), and #2 - Boulder Dash, which I rode 109 times (now #5).

Of course, location has a lot to do with it and I definitely would have ridden the current top two U.S. coasters more if it weren't for the pandemic. However, it's only those two former #1s that haven't dropped much the more I've ridden them. Everything else has fallen, even other top 5's like Skyrush, The Voyage, Superman (SFNE), Maverick, Ravine Flyer II and Outlaw Run.

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Strangely enough, quite a few of my top coasters are rides that I haven’t ridden that much. In fact, the only ones on the list that I’d say I’ve had “countless” rides on are Swarm and Stealth. I’ll break down my top 10 by how many times I’ve ridden each.
  1. Mako - x3 August 2016
  2. Icon - x2 August 2018, x2 August 2019
  3. Wicker Man - x1 March 2018, x1 August 2018, x1 September 2018, x2 July 2020
  4. Stealth - Countless
  5. Mine Blower - x1 April 2019
  6. The Swarm - Countless
  7. Montu - x1 August 2016
  8. SheiKra - x1 August 2016
  9. Kraken - x1 August 2016
  10. Incredible Hulk - x1 August 2014 (don’t quote me on this one; it could well have been more), x3 August 2016
So, a surprising amount of my top 10 is actually made up of rides I haven’t ridden much; 4 of the top 10 are rides I’ve only been on once!

To be honest, knowing me, even the rides listed as “countless” probably don’t have particularly high ride counts; possibly around the 10 mark or a bit below. I’m not really 100% sure.


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This is something I've never kept a record of, I'd have to ask to dive into the league archives to get solid numbers for the last few years and beyond that it could well be lost to time. It does generally stick in my head though for anything major and there's always a conscious effort these days to go for a minimum of what I'd call the 'golden 4' laps on anything I consider a significant contender on a first visit to really get a feel for it. The experience doesn't quite feel complete with a good few goes - I've come all this way for a signature attraction, I want to get the most out of it.
The only ride in my top ten which got less than that number is Eejanaika, with only 2, but that was considered a good day for Fuji Q!

Beyond that I'm struggling to see anything in the top 50, maybe even top 100 that only got a single lap and something would have to go quite wrong for me to allow that to happen. Flying Dinosaur is another 2 and then there's a few Six Flags RMCs that were a struggle for 3 laps (WiCy, TwiCy and Joker).
I've never ridden anything anywhere close to the hundreds of times so haven't personally experienced any slippage due to this, in fact about 90% likely haven't had a revisit yet.


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I don't track the number of times I've ridden a ride. I guess the benefit of having a smaller cred count is I know vaguely what my numbers are though.

Surprisingly, I've ridden every ride in my Top 30 multiple times, which is helped by the fact I've been quite lucky with trips abroad and parks being quiet when I visit. But for sake of this list, I'll do my Top 10 rides at parks I've only visited on one day since the ride was opened (and my estimates for number of rides):

1. Taiga, Linnanmaki (9 rides)
2. Oz'Iris, Parc Asterix (5 rides)
3. Hyperion, Energylandia (2 rides)
4. Lech Coaster, Legendia (4 rides)
5. K2, Earls Erlebnis-Dorf Elstal (5 rides)
6. Speed, Energylandia (2 rides)
7. Vuoristorata, Linnanmaki (8 rides)
8. Grand National, Blackpool (1 ride on each side) [First ride on my list I'd consider to have ridden once, because of the mobius-ness]
9. Heidi, Plopsaland (3 rides)
10. Formula, Energylandia (2 rides)

There's some rides high up in my list that I've ridden less than some of these - especially the Linnanmaki rides, but I was able to visit the park on a long and quiet day. Looking at my list, a good few of my favourites are at parks that are easy to visit for me and I've managed multiple visits to the park as a result. It'll be interesting to see how I react and place rides once I do some American parks, for example, and can maybe only manage a couple of rides on a cred and not go back on it every couple of years.


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Thankfully (?) I do keep track of how many times I've ridden everything. Started the obsession with counting the coasters in a nice spreadsheet long before I had enough creds to really need to keep track. Easy now!

  1. Steel Vengeance - x3 - Doesn't take much, I suppose. That final night ride was the clincher though.
  2. Lightning Rod - x5 - With x4 of those being during night ERT on the Live back in 2016.
  3. Taron - x11 - Again, night ERT (this time from the hotel) really keep this pushed to the top.
  4. Fury 325 - x5 - Got a soft-spot for B&M 'Hypers', and this is the best of the lot.
  5. Dinoconda - x2 - One ride on Dinoconda is what it must feel like to survive a helicopter crash. More than two rides felt like I would have been pushing my luck.
  6. Boulder Dash - x7 - Another one pushed high in the rankings due to late night marathoning.
  7. Skyrush - x5 - It's brilliant, but needed a break after that.
  8. Voyage - x3 - Ridden in 2010 and 2016, and didn't change my thoughts on it. It slipped down the Top 10 due to better stuff above, not because it had gotten worse.
  9. Top Thrill Dragster - x2 - I'd love more rides on this.
  10. Helix - x7 - Again it's all about the late night marathon sessions.
For what it's worth, Nemesis is my most ridden coaster (64), and sits at 15th in my Top 20.


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Don't know the exact figures, but I know I'll have had less than 10 rides on Katun, Helix & Shambhala, probably less than 10 on Behemoth and Vampire (though I did have whoring sessions of both) and a pitiful ONE ride on Colossos (which I do need to get back on to find out if it actually is that good).


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I don't really keep track either, but I do remember some of these since I've only been to some of these parks once, or gotten some of these credits within the last few years. Also most of my credits from parks other than Kennywood, Cedar Point, and Hershey are under 5x since those three are my most visited.

2. Lightning Rod - x2. Would have gone for more, but DW's rides all closed down for several hours because they detected lightning a few miles away from the park.
3. Steel Vengeance - x1. It was seriously the only ride in the park with a line that day, so I only got one lap. Too bad.
4. New Texas Giant - x1. I underestimated how crowded SFOT gets for the Halloween events...
5. Diamondback - x2. No particular reason here, I've only been to the park once since DB was built.
8. Ghost Rider - x2. I don't get to California too often, so I've only been to Knott's the one time (and Xcelerator was down, bummer). Dunno why I didn't ride GR more than twice.
9. Montu - x1. I loved this ride and I loved BGT but I literally visited in March 2020 (days before everything locked down due to Covid in America) and my partner and I were a little skittish about staying in the park too long.
10. Kumba - x2. Same reason as above.

Incidentally 1, 6, and 7 are Maverick, Phantom's Revenge, and Storm Runner, respectively.

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@solarfall love the profile pic, more Dougie on the forums.

(I'll warn you. My Fury entry turned into a bit of a Carowinds mini trip report. Enter at your own risk!)
  1. Steel Vengeance x5 - feel lucky for this one. Fast Lane Plus was a lifesaver.
  2. Lightning Rod x5 - one ride at daytime then that lovely night ERT. Truly legendary night.
  3. Helix x7 - And it would have been a lot more if it weren't for that maze of a queue.
  4. Taron x14 - Gotta love that hotel ERT.
  5. Outlaw Run x18 - Maybe my favorite coaster on a purely personal basis because of all the rides I acquired over multiple visits. Feels like the ride I know the best.
  6. Skyrush x9 - I think 8 of these were in a row with the queue dwindling after each ride until the last 4 were walk ons. Back wing seat of course.
  7. X2 - x1 one measly ride. Genuinely awful day at Magic Mountain, packed on a Sunday with 4 major coasters closed. It's telling of the ride's quality that I put it as high as I do. It does help it was towards the end of the day and in the front row inner seat.
  8. Voyage x8 - Got a lot of rides on Voyage and probably could've done more, but it was running pretty rough October 2016. Still, those last three in the dead of night were worth the beating.
  9. Fury 325 x4 - It's 2016. Edward M is a rambunctious 17 year old. He has approximately 90 minutes to do Carowinds... Get to parking lot. Fury open. Good. Intimidator closed. Bad. Enter park. Beeline to Fury. Short line. Assigned to back. Ride Fury. Love it. Get back in shorter line. Assigned to middle. Ask for front. Rejected. Ride Fury. Love it again but less. Get back in shorter line. Assigned to middle. Beg for front. Rejected. Ride Fury. Notice an open seat on the first row of Fury and quietly plop in, mugging like Bugs Bunny to an invisible camera. Ride op's been onto you from the start and busts you, condemning your actions for the entire station to hear. How could Edward M have sunk so low? That's what assigned seating does to an enthusiast... Rush to Afterburn in shame. Ride twice in back without leaving seat. Urge for creds overcomes urge to reride. Ride first coaster in front of you: Flying Cobras. Doesn't actively hurt. Good boomerang. Ride first coaster in front of you: Carolina Goldrusher. Walk onto train. Sit there for about two minutes. Be told by the op that the ride is broken. Check time. 20 minutes to close. Ride first coaster in... Say forget it. Go to Fury. Barely anyone in station. Get assigned back row. Know in another world you could maybe have gotten front row but understand the crew recognizes you and just accept your fate. Ride Fury. Love it. See Intimidator in distance, opening suddenly for 10 minutes of operations. Appreciate Intimidator crew. Get back row of your own volition. Ride Intimidator. Be mildly disappointed. 3 minutes to close. Ride first coaster in front of you: Nighthawk. Get front row of your own volition. Ride Nighthawk on the last train of the night. Put it safely in your bottom 5.
  10. El Toro x20 - In 2017 and 2018, I had two visits where I stacked up rides on Toro. Sadly, in 2019, it was running one train all day, so the line was 40 minutes as compared to the walk on status of the past two visits.


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That spreadsheet I made is finally getting some use! I've been pretty fortunate to get a good amount of rides in most of my Top 10.

1. Steel Vengeance x4 - Over the course of one day but I've got Platinum Pass ERT after closing to thank for that.
2. Skyrush x27 - My most ridden coaster. I've only visited the park twice but it's so easy to get some night ride whore sessions.
3. Lightning Rod x13 - Only one visit on Saturday but we had fast passes and it was really quiet in the evening.
4. Voyage x13 - I've done a few visits to the park now and tend to get a few rides each time.
5. Ravine Flyer II x3 - I only had 45 minutes at Waldameer before closing, but man, I wished I showed up sooner.
6. Maverick x7 - This ride is always pretty busy but I've been to Cedar Point a few times now. Plus the Steel Vengance ERT was joint with this <3.
7. Storm Chaser X20 - Again, been here a few times and it's really easy to get some whore sessions on this.
8. Nemesis x11 - I've only visited Alton once but I had a full day and kept circling back to the Valley. One of the first whore sessions I ever had on a coaster.
9. Phoenix x16 - I've visited the park with and without crowds, but since it's the only coaster worth in the park reriding it's pretty easy to rack up some rides here.
10. Mako x8 - Throughput and good operations kept this with an empty queue.

The only ride in my Top 30 that I only have one ride on (and part of the reason I rank it as my least favorite RMC) is Twisted Cyclone, at #16. Other notable Top 30 coasters with few rides are Phantom's Revenge (x3), Goliath SFOG (x3), Fahrenheit (x3), Stealth (x3), and Intimidator (x2).

Beyond the Top 30, other worthy coasters (some more so than others) with only one ride are Steel Curtain, Sky Rocket, Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit, Cheetah Hunt, Fire Chaser Express, Mind Bender, and Hydra.


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I've been keeping track of the number of all my rides for League of Goons (so everything post 2014 is accurate) and even before that I feel that my numbers are fairly spot on, considering going to a theme park was a somewhat special occasion when I was a kid. There's only one or two visists to Gardaland and Mirabilandia where I'm a bit lost on the number of rides on their main coasters.

1. Taron, Phantasialand 3x
2. Flying Aces, Ferrari World 5x
3. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain 1x (I've been thinking of kicking this one out, since I only got to ride it once almost 10 years ago, but eh, X2 is just too damn special)
4. Shambhala, PortAventura Park 2x
5. Katun, Mirabilandia 17x (all in the pre-LoG days, but the number of rides on this beast on each visit has somehow stuck with me)
6. Goliath, Walibi Holland 5x
7. Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park 5x
8. iSpeed, Mirabilandia 11x (not 100% sure here)
9. Black Mamba, Phantasialand 10x
10. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain 1x (again, same as X2)


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Don't do spreadsheets, hell, don't even keep a definitive top 10 really but I did attempt a top 10% recently which, looking through now, I seem to have ridden most of the entries in it multiple times, but with one or two notable exceptions.
Things like SteVe, Helix, Shammy B, Untamed, Behemoth, Taron, Outlaw Run - all whored. Nemesis, of course, is undoubtedly my most ridden coaster, must be 100+ rides since it opened.
X2 I think was only 3 laps, over 10 years ago now and the memory is still very vivid.
Tatsu and El Toro were only 2 laps but they were clearly enough to cement their positions in top 10 territory.
The only ride that I had 1 go on was Kingda Ka. Y'all know my Kingda Ka story, my best ever 'non-spite' and all that. The ride itself might be languishing down in the low 20's now, but that 1 lap will stay with me for a looong time.


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Steel Vengeance - We whored this one, couple of rides the first night, but had the FP on the 2nd day and proper whored it into the evening - 15+
Zadra - No FP meant ambling around the queue on each ride plus a 30 min queue so I've only done 5 laps
Lightning Rod - Whored this in the rain on day 1, and another 5 laps the 2nd day - 15+
Skyrush - My first visit, 1 lap made it number 1. 2nd visit spent 3 hours cycling, but there was a slight queue, the last hour was walk on though, added +4 the following day - 20+
El Toro - FP'd this one too, Got 6 in before a queue built up, a few laps throughout the day and then whored for the final 2 hours - 15+
Taron - 1 early lap followed by the ERT in the evening - 10+
Storm Chaser - We didn't whore this as much as we should have, maybe 5 @Howie ?
Helix - 2 laps, one first thing, 1 last thing
Outlaw Run - Made this the first ride of the day and got a good 5 laps in before a queue built up and went back for more later in the day - 10+
Fury 325 - Maybe my most whored coaster. FP of course, just went back and forth around the park between this, Afterburn and Intimidator with the massive bulk being on Fury. Final 90 minutes was just cycling this walk on, an easy 20+ rides in a day.

Helix being the least ridden by a long way. Zadra and Storm Chaser next, and all the rest are over 10 rides with only 2 being mammoth numbers and only Skyrush has been ridden on more than one different trip.


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Storm Chaser - We didn't whore this as much as we should have, maybe 5 @Howie ?

Sumat like that, 5 maybe 6. Agreed, we needed to see that splendid view of the junkyard and tyre depot just over the freeway there just a couple more times. 😉
Lightning Run tho, that definitely deserved more than one lap. Bad goons, we are.

Neither of us mentioned The Beast either. Only 1 lap for both me and Delly P but we did it right. Back-ish row, last train of the night, 11pm ish, pitch black it was. Terrifying and surreal, a highlight of my goonhood for sure.
Not sure I'd rank the coaster at all if ridden in anything other than perfect conditions, but it defo ranks as one of those unforgettable 'experiences'.


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I’ll limit this to 4 rides or less...

Toro. X4. (#4 overall)
Boardwalk Bullet. X1. (#6 overall)
X2...X2. (#7 overall)
Dragster. X3. (#9 overall)
Wonder Women X1
Storm Chaser X3
Lightning run X3
Montu x1
GoldStriker X2
Beast X4


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I don't track the number of times I've ridden a ride. I guess the benefit of having a smaller cred count is I know vaguely what my numbers are though.
So I've spent a bit of time and added these to my spreadsheet. Thanks to League of Goons and old trip reports I've written I've been able to piece together most of them pretty accurately (will be an interesting thing to keep a track of in the future). Hard to track some (especially Merlin rides, where I visited even more regularly when I was younger), but heyho.

Anyway, here's some lists...

My Top 10:
RideTimes Ridden
Lost Gravity
Joris en de Draak
Nemesis is a guess as I first rode it 15 years ago now and I've got no clue how many times I might have rode it on my first visits.

Top 10 rides I've ridden exactly once:
Grand National
Drachenritt (Belantis) / Cobra (Paultons)
Dragon Roller Coaster (Energylandia)
Wilde Maus XXL
Cobra des Amun Ra
Dragonfly (Duinrell)
Speed Rockets
I rank clones separately, but decided to include Drachenritt and Cobra together just to show the point. As mentioned earlier, I've been lucky enough to be able to get re-rides on any creds I've really enjoyed. Noticeable how the back-end of this list is just family thrill rides..

Top 10 rides I've ridden exactly once or twice:
Grand National
Pégase Express
Speed of Sound
Dragon Roller Coaster
Tiki Waka
Getting some good rides now. Side note: I find it crazy that I enjoy a bloody Vekoma Boomerang in Speed of Sound so much. Please don't judge me.

And finally Top 10 rides I've ridden exactly 1, 2 or 3 times:
Lech Coaster
Psyke Underground
Grand National
Heidi The Ride
Drachenritt / Cobra
Pégase Express
Interestingly not too many more added on.

I'd estimate that my most ridden ride is probably Nemesis Inferno, which sits 19th in my list at the moment. Interesting. (Orrrr it could be Flying Fish, which is best left unranked)


Here goes:

1. Voyage - 9x
2. Python in Bamboo Forest - 3x (long lines, terrible dispatches, and early closure)
3. Helix - 40x
4. Dinoconda - 2x (half day and extremely long lines, only got on twice thanks to purchasing a couple very pricey fast passes)
5. Boulder Dash - 207x
6. OCT Thrust - 6x
7. Maverick - 21x
8. Skyrush - 21x
9. Lightning Run - 15x
10. Wildfire - 8x

Thankful that I at least have more than one ride on all of my top 10 coasters. Actually, the first coaster in my rankings of which I only have one ride is Mine Blower at 29. Only have two rides on Time Traveler (18), Gale Force (20), Starry Sky Ripper (21), and Coaster Through The Clouds (25)


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I'm lucky that most of my top I've ridden between 10-20 times going by ridecount and some were just over a 2 or 3 day visit at that (Taron / Untamed). A few exceptions in my top 10 due to quite a few visits over the years, such the Big One and Rock n Roller between 40-50 times. Big Thunder at Disney Paris is probably in that sort of ride count as well.

1. Taron
2. Untamed
3. Big One
4. Troy
5. Black Mamba
6. Stealth
7. Goliath (Walibi Holland)
8. Nemesis
9. Rock N. Roller Coaster
10. Big Thunder Mountain