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Wot tingz did u get 4 xmas?


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Israeli shekhels.

Kangol boots (surprisingly not awful, as in the sort of thing I would actually buy myself)

Usual socks, deodorants and awful looking aftershave that will be thrown into the back of a cupboard, having never left the box, by this time tomorrow.


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Pile of DVDs, Lego LOTR and Harry Potter, 2 cardigans from Topshop, underwear, Katy Perry perfume, Lady Gaga perfume, hair curling set, make-up, nail varnish, books, Merlin Annual Pass, new creepers, new spiky flats, Lush stuff, Articulate, one of those travel neck pillow things, £15 cash, and some sweets.


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A winter jacket, clothes, and some other stuff.. like my apartment and my family together. All I really need.


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Re: RE: Wot tingz did u get 4 xmas?

New Xbox, a few movies, cook book, couple shirts, and lots of combo gifts with the misses. Ice cream maker, couple board games, some dishware, and then I got her a nice video camera for future trips and such. Exactly what I wanted
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It's 10:40 local time and I'm the only one in my family who's even awake in this house. Also, the only presents under the tree that weren't there before last night are the ones I put there for my parents & brother this morning.



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I got Fluffy Monster Feets, HP Lovecraft book so I can actually read the source material of my most well known plushie, Cookie Monster stuff and Grandville Bete Noir


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Perfume, CDs, DVDs, calendar, slippers, handbag, pyjamas, bath stuff, dressing table and money.


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Magic books and some new cards. Uncharted 3, sweets, t-shirt and some loo roll for when I go back to uni. :p


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Some money, chocolates, Guinness Word Records book, pants, socks, sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans (which are too small of course!).

Not a bad year whatsoever! :)


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Got a Traktor S4 DJ controller.. great piece of tech & I can't wait to get to jamming with it! :--D Also got some cooking pots & other kitchen implements, which are going to be very useful as I plan to start cooking for myself a lot more this year now that I'm out of school.


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I got/know I'm getting tomorrow/have ordered with my money;

New computer monitor so I don't have to use my tele anymore.
Original Penguin gilet
Original Penguin shoes
Original Penguin bag
Original Penguin shirt (I <3 Penguin)
Alien anthology on Blu Ray
Dark Knight trilogy on Blu Ray
Either Ted or the American Pie 1-4 on blu ray (the only surprise left)
Coffee machine <3
Jurassic Park trilogy on Blu Ray
Rudolph t-shirt that's so awful it's fabulous
Chocolates n sweets n ****

I've spent all my money but I did have £250 <3

I'm happy this year cause there's a fair few big ticket items in there that I've wanted for ages. The coffee machine omg.


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Got 40 Quid and a saftey hammer for the car, incase I drive into a lake! Also a few additional Disney pins. Thats it. I didn't particulary want anything tbh. Spent enough on holidays this year...


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Screaming Coasters said:
madhjsp, little bit jealous! haha
Have you used the Itch version of it?

Really the only thing I've used before is Traktor Pro... haven't really tried scratching but then again this is my first controller too.