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What's next for PortAventura?


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Afternoon guys, I am new to the forum so this is my first ever post. As a big PortAventure land I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on their next investment, I know Ferrari land wasnt to long ago but I feel some dark rides are much needed in the park. Is there anything you would like to see added too the park being attractions, Accomdation or Infrastructure?


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Ferrari Land needs more stuff. More importantly, it needs good stuff. As it is, there's just not enough to do there to justify it being a seperate gate. Another thrill coaster and a top-drawer flat ride should do it. I do actually like the place - really attractive, totally unique in Europe and loads of potential - but yeah, it does need filling up a bit with a couple more attractions. Sumat like Flying Aces would be quite nice!
The main park actually feels ok to me at the moment, a fairly complete, well rounded park and I like it lots, still my favourite park in Europe. Some sprucing up here and there while Ferrari Land gets expanded - new trains and/or partial retrack of Baco, get Templo del Fuego running all year round, bubblegum and graffiti removal - that kind of kind of thing and then, when it's time for PA's next big investment, RMC Stampida.
S'obvious innit.


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Hows about a transport thrill ride connecting the 2 gates, same businesses model as the Hogwarts Express.?! You know, a Ferrari themed Test Track taking you high speed from one park to another. Each way could have a unique route with twists and turns, drifting its way to another land. Would pad out the 2nd gate nicely too and give extra incentive to go at any time of day.

If they are going to spend millions on freaking football, which I can only assume is a crummy idea, then my day dream can't be all that preposterous.


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Yeah agreed with Howie, the absolute priority needs to be padding Ferrari land out. It needs another coaster at least - doesn't have to be massive but a time-filler at least.

After that, I reckon the Wild West section is long overdue an overhaul, it looks dated (yes, I know that's the idea) and could do with a bit of a refresh. I'd also like to see a bit more done to the area near Khan's queue - it's got a few dark/indoor rides but there's so much space going to waste and most people are only ever there because they're walking through to Shambhala.


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bubblegum and graffiti removal

THIS, was honestly shocked at how much graffiti there was in the Baco line and I was there not even a month after it opened! Also amazed how much there was --in the ride area-- for the splash boat. Almost looked like people got into the park with cans of actual spray paint or something, Spanish culture? I know other parts of Europe I've visited spray paint / tagging was rather... everywhere... but PA was really the first I saw it in a park to an unacceptable point.


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They are going to make a star attraction, little by little things will be released, they will have an interactive game with the mobile phone, the bad thing about the project is the Mediterrane lighthouse that the landscape does not look good