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What would your five year plan be for a park/chain?

Discussion in 'General Discussions & Opinions' started by b&mfanboy123, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. shaunthatkid

    shaunthatkid Member

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    This is one of them parks which i think would do well with one of them chance hyper gtx coasters that would do well here
  2. xxx374xxx

    xxx374xxx New Member

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    Fury 325
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    Cedar point
    Six flags great adventure
    2020: RMC T REX
    2021-2023: NOTHING
    2024: RMC Ground up
  3. kenny cook

    kenny cook Member

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    Gold Striker
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    Knotts Berry Farm
    2019- Bigfoot Rapids overhaul, Mystery Lodge refresh, repaint of Pony Express, creation of a new mini-land grouping those three attractions together
    2020- Huge 100th anniversary festival, nostalgic family flats with cute themes (Troika named Berry Fun Tumbler?)
    2021- Waterpark expansion with a new slide complex
    After that, there's absolutely zero ways to even predict, no clue, no idea of what the park will accomplish over 3 1/2 years, no idea of Cedar Fair's budget standing, nada. So for now, I'll cap it at 3 and we'll see what happens!
  4. CoasterMac305

    CoasterMac305 Member

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    Steel Vengeance
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    Europa Park
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    What I'd like to see for Kings Dominion:

    2019 - New sports bar-style restaurant (Melt from Cedar Point, Chickie's & Pete's, etc.), update parking lot/toll booths.
    2020 - New front entrance, removal of Volcano, new color scheme for Dominator.
    2021 - Slide complex in Soak City, Gerstlauer Sky Roller.
    2022 - Planet Snoopy expansion, GCI renovation of Grizzly.
    2023 - Banshee style B&M Inverted coaster to replace Volcano.

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