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To be honest, PortAventura has been set in its thrill ride collection ever since Red Force opened. As Sesame Street: Street Mission just opened this year, a children’s area added to Ferrari Land in 2018 and Ferrari Land’s opening in 2017, I would make a safe bet on a resortwide celebration without any new major rides. As for past that, I think Ferrari Land will probably get its 3rd coaster in sometime between 2021 and 2025 — I would expect something like a MACK Family Spinning Coaster to come here — and/or PortAventura Park will get a B&M Dive coaster. A dive coaster is the only missing link in PortAventura’s stellar coaster lineup, and it could be marketed in multiple ways such as “The first dive coaster in Spain!” During this time, I could see the resort installing one or two major flat rides as well as a children’s area expansion.


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I know that when Shambhala was in development, the park had considered a B&M Flying coaster, Dive coaster, and Hyper coaster. Obviously they chose the latter. I don't think they need a dive as both Shambhala and Red Force have near vertical drops. I think their next B&M will most likely be a Flyer personally, it just makes the most sense to me.

As for their anniversary next year, they will no doubt sell 25 year anniversary merch, but in terms of rides, some brand new Millennium Flyer trains on Stampida would be much appreciated or RMC it and I know it will never happen but some new lapbar trains on Furius would also be nice.


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I doubt Stampida will be given the RMC treatment anytime soon, as it would be incredibly hard for construction groups to move track in, through and around Tomahawk’s structure. Those two wooden coasters’ layouts overlap several times.


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Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough about my intentions. I was saying that since much of Tomahawk’s track and/or supports will need to be temporarily taken down to make way for cranes to assemble the RMC conversion’s track and other parts, why not replace the old track/supports that were taken down with new track/supports?


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I don't really think that anything major will happen until next year.

I agree that Ferrari Land will expand, which is also very necessary as it is really disappointing.

Possibly (hopefully) they might replace the 4d simulator with a proper ride. The ride has gone from an awesome attraction in the Universal Days to a mix of theming and a bad movie nowadays. Already having a lot of water rides I could imagine that they go for a water coaster some day due to the water ride's popularity.


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Nothing. As much as we would love something big, they spent a lot of money on FerrariLand which didn't turn quite as great as they envisioned. [surprise! Not!]

They will pull anniversary shows left and right just like they did for PortAventura's 15th Anniversary.

My inner wishful enthusiast has been dreaming of a large B&M flyer going across Polynesia. It would just work SO well with the area, soaring above the palm trees, possibly performing a pretzel loop in a pond. Plus, they could always reuse Sea Odyssey's show building for the station (dual, please!), transfer tracks and part of an indoor queueline.

Otherwise, a large B&M inverter (not necessarily in Polynesia) would fit the bill too. How cool would it be if that one was intertwined with both Shambhala and Dragon Khan as The Big B&M Trio?
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