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What is your top 10 to do list?


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This is worth an update having ticked off Taron and EGF. I'm just going to do Europe again, otherwise there are just too many to choose from:

1. Wildfire
2. Zadra
3. Untamed
4. FLY (hoping to ride this year so it gets listed even though it hasn't opened yet)
5. Troy
6. Taiga
7. Kärnan
8. Katun
9. Piraten
10. Abyssus (see FLY)


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Updating mine as it's been a while, but only focusing on Europe...

1. Karnan, Hansa Park
2. Zadra, Energylandia
3. Juvelen, Djurs Sommerland
4. Wildfire, Kolmården
5. Junker, Powerpark
6. Fluch Von Novogrod, Hansa Park
7. Colossos, Heide Park
8. Blue Fire, Europa Park
9. Tranan, Skara Sommerland
10. Dynamite, Freizeitpark Plohn

I reckon I can tackle 60% of this within the next 18 months. Getting back to places like Energylandia and Finland is an unknown though.

There's a few new things that will immediately come onto this list (FLY, Walibi Belgium and Parc Asterix's Intamins for example), but I imagine I'll tick them off in opening years..


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Haven’t updated this in over a year.

Eejanaika/Dinoconda/X2 - Grouping these three together. They’re the most notable ride type I haven’t done yet. The Asian ones seem better, but I’ll take any one of them
Taron/Black Mamba
Flying Aces
Outlaw Run
Expedition GeForce

Managed to limit myself to four RMCs here, trying to make the list a little more interesting with different ride types. Mostly international stuff, gotta get my ass back across the Atlantic at some point.

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Let's see how this has panned out then. I last posted in here Oct 2018:

Updates in bold.
Short term, ie stuff that I'll hopefully be knocking out next season.
RMC Robin Hood, plus Walibi's VR attraction, NeuroGen. ✔
Fenix. ✔
F.L.Y . ?
Gold Striker and Railblazer at CGA. ✔
RMC Joker. ✔
Stratosphere Skyjump. Spited.
Terror Dactyl Canyon Swing. ✔
Glenwood Caverns in general. ✔

Long term, ie stuff that I want to do but currently have no plans for.
Skyrush, new hyper and Hersheypark in general. No current plans.
Lightning Rod and Dollywood in general. No current plans.
Return visit to Europa Park (don't have Blue Fire or Wodan). Pending, awaiting Tripsdrill announcements.
Return visit to Port Aventura (don't have Shambles or Red Force). ✔
Return visit to Florida for everything that's been added since 2007! Booked.
Hyperion, Lech and Poland in general. ? + Zadra & Abyssus now too. Pending, awaiting Abyssus announcement.
Return visit to Liseberg for Valkyria and... well, because Liseberg is just awesome. No current plans.
Italy cred run, don't have any Italian creds at all. :( No current plans.
Maybe Japan one day? Wot, with that virus knocking about? Nah, no current plans.
But most of all, I wanna go back to Cedar Point and get some more Steel Vengeance in my face! No current plans.

So yeah, managed to knock a few of those out last year, still a few more to get though.
Also some new additions to the to-do list:
Carowinds. Will most likely tie this in with Dollywood, possibly 2021.
Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Will most likely tie this in with Carowinds and Dollywood.
Kennywood. Will most likely tie this in with a return visit to Cedar Point.
Knoebels. Will most likely tie this in to Hersheypark when I eventually get round to it.

That is all.
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I think I’m going to cover off all of my to do list this year in one trip!

The Voyage
The Beast
Lightning Rod
Fury 325
Twisted Timbers
El Toro
Phantoms Revenge
Steel Vengeance



Theme Park Superhero
Lightning Rod/Steel Vengeance
Hades 360/Voyage
Lech Coaster
Railblazer/Wonder Woman - clone, so this one can drop way down the list now
Time Traveler
Wood Coaster (3rd time lucky)
X2 (complete that set)
El Toro (complete that set)

the new Chinese S&S launch (re-complete that set)

So new one would look something like this off the top of my head:

Steel Vengeance
Hades 360/Voyage
Lech Coaster
Time Traveler
the new Chinese S&S launches (re-complete that set) - there's 2 now and neither of them are open...
Time Travel (last chinese woodie)
Ultra Twister @ Rusutsu
Iron Rattler can replace Wonder Woman
Leviathan (should be the giga set when it happens)
West Coast Racers? Steel Dolphin?

Top 4/5 are already happening, struggling to keep this fresh now to be honest. Lots of cool stuff opening in the next couple of years to keep me out of trouble though.


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Fury 325
Full Throttle

So many to list but these are just to name a few


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Fury 325
Full Throttle

So many to list but these are just to name a few
Of course I get why Hurler is on the list, but why Steel Vengeance?


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Finally had all my long run "to do's" knocked off (X2 has been on there fore like 15 years!), and ridden a few RMC's now so got less need for those (ofc I want to!). I am excluding ones I will hit this year, so my new my new top 10 to do!

1: Lightning Rod
2 - 10 in no order:
Formula Rossa
Flying Aces
DC Rivals
Soaring With Dragon
Cú Chulainn
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Having only a limited number of coasters to my credit I am looking forward to a Corid-19 deferred trip to Poland next month.

The bucket list rides will be:

Lech Coaster at Legendia.

Zadra and Hyperion at Energylandia.

I was hoping that Abyssus might be open but it will be an excuse to visit again in the near future.


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1 . Iron Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
2 . Gravity Max - Discovery World
3 . Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
4. 2nd Mr Freeze Reverse Blast - Six Flags New England
5 . Jersey Devil - Six Flags Great Adventure
6 . Blue Harvest - Grona Lund
7 . Pantheon - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
8 . Orion - Kings Island
9 . Hackugei - Nagashima Spa Land
10 . Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico


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my bucket list coasterwise:

1. Zadra
2. Hyperion
3. Steel Vengeance
4. Steel dragon 2000
5. Red Force
6. FLY
7. The Voyage
8. Intimidator 305
9. Helix
10. Velocicoaster ;-)


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I live in germany so i want to finish europes coasters first, so here is my list:

1. Zadra
2. abyssus
3. Fly
4. Walibis new intamin
5. Der Fluch des Kränan
6. Shambala
7. Taiga
8. Helix
9. Wildfire
10. Lech coaster


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Here's my list. I have it divided into two groups. The first group is the ten roller coasters I want to ride most (in relation to how impressive/objectively good they look). The second group is constituted of quirky, unusual, remote, and random credits around the world which I will not feel complete without riding.

1) DC Rivals - WBMW
2) Hades 360 - Mt Olympus
3) Wood Coaster - Knight Valley
4) Taiga - Linnanmaki
5) Hyper Coaster/Flash - Land of Legends/Lewa Adventure
6) Furius Baco - Port Aventura
7) Eejanaika - Fuji Q
8) Jungle Trailblazer - Oriental Heritage (Wuhu)
9) Jungle Dragon - Happy Valley Chongquing
10) Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

1) Rutschebanen - Tivoli Gardens
2) Wild West Mine Train - Ocean Park
3) Cyclone - Nicco Park
4) Montana Suiza - Monte Igueldo
5) Cobra - Connyland
6) Steel Dolphin - Haichang Ocean Park
7) Tower of Terror - Gold Reef City
8) Coaster - PNE Playland
9) Juvelen/Yukon Quad - Djurs Sommerland/Le Pal
10) Muntanya Rusa - Tibidabo
Others that fit the criteria:
Shivering Timbers (MI Adv), Jupiter (Kijima Kogen), Lost City of Gold (Sunway Lagoon), Crazy Car (Wisata Bahari Lamongan), Wild Train (Parc Saint Paul), Cyclops (Mt Olympus), Vuoristorata (Linnanmaki), Abismo (PdA Madrid), Ultimate (Lightwater Valley), Classic Coaster (Washington State Fair), Rutschebanen (Bakken), Sky Car (Mysterious Island), Kereta Misteri (Dunia Fantasi), Abyss (Adventure World), Superman Escape (WBMW), Jet Rescue (Sea World Australia), Magnus Colossus :( (Terra Mitica), Anaconda (Gold Reef City), Bukkerittet (Kongeparken)

Also thought it would be fun to divide them by continent.
Africa- 2
Antarctica- :(
Asia- 14
Europe- 14
Oceania- 4
North America- 5
South America- 0

Highest priority countries (by bucket list coasters left to ride)
China - 6
Spain - 4/5
Australia - 4
USA - 4
Denmark - 3
South Africa - 2
Indonesia - 2
France - 2
Finland - 2
Japan - 2
Hong Kong - 1
Canada - 1
India - 1
Turkey - 1
Malaysia - 1
Switzerland - 1
UK - 1
Norway - 1


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Well - I'm out of work at the mo, so let's start with the europe possibilities:

1 - Flamingo land new jobby
2 - Storm chaser at Paultons
3 - Abyssus at energylandia
4 - Zadra at energylandia
5 - Time traveler at ploppyland
6 - Walibi belgiums intamin
7 - Valkyria at liseberg
8 - Monster at Grona lund
9 - Katun at mirabilandia
10- Arthur at europa

Elsewhere (Florida and RMC heavy):
1 - Steel vengeance
2 - Outlaw run
3 - Storm chaser (kentucky kingdom)
4 - Iron Gwazi
5 - Pantheon
6- Hagrid's
7 - universal IOA's intamin
8 - lightning rod
9 - seven dwarfs mine train
10- Mako