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What is your top 10 to do list?


This is worth an update having ticked off Taron and EGF. I'm just going to do Europe again, otherwise there are just too many to choose from:

1. Wildfire
2. Zadra
3. Untamed
4. FLY (hoping to ride this year so it gets listed even though it hasn't opened yet)
5. Troy
6. Taiga
7. Kärnan
8. Katun
9. Piraten
10. Abyssus (see FLY)


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Updating mine as it's been a while, but only focusing on Europe...

1. Karnan, Hansa Park
2. Zadra, Energylandia
3. Juvelen, Djurs Sommerland
4. Wildfire, Kolmården
5. Junker, Powerpark
6. Fluch Von Novogrod, Hansa Park
7. Colossos, Heide Park
8. Blue Fire, Europa Park
9. Tranan, Skara Sommerland
10. Dynamite, Freizeitpark Plohn

I reckon I can tackle 60% of this within the next 18 months. Getting back to places like Energylandia and Finland is an unknown though.

There's a few new things that will immediately come onto this list (FLY, Walibi Belgium and Parc Asterix's Intamins for example), but I imagine I'll tick them off in opening years..