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What is your favorite Arrow Custom looper, operating or defunct?


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Surprised I could scrape together 4 really. Only had the first 2 in my head. Good ol' RCDB.
Doubled this now, so here's a list.

1. Tennessee Tornado
2. Viper @ SFMM
3. Loch Ness Monster
4. Rolling X-Train for comedy reasons that don't count.
5. Anaconda for more comedy.
6. Carolina Cyclone.

7. Didn't like Dragon @ Ocean Park.
8. Didn't like Hot Wheels thing @ Australian Drayton


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My favorite so far has been Steel Phantom. Loved that ride. Second would be Loch Ness followed by Double Loop from way bsck when. Is that even a custom layout though?

Honestly think that is it :/

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Youngster Joey

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Tennessee Tornado is strictly the best one I've ridden, but my favorite is actually Dragon Mountain at Marineland. I just laughed my way through the entire course with how absurd and how strange it is.


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I'll do a list later (maybe), but I always rated Fantasia Special quite highly. It's been well over 10 years since I rode it though; it could well have turned to s**t in that time.

Tennessee Tornado was decent, but I don't really get the appeal with Loch Ness Monster. Maybe I need to redo it, but it didn't do much for me.