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oh I get that too. sent 41 missing Japanese coasters the other day and I doubt we will see them for a while. busy chap.
At least I've got a Wacky Worm in Sardegna added last week. But the info that it opened in April 1987 and that it was bought new from Pinfari (the article I linked didn't mention it by name, but I doubt there was another company building Wacky Worms in that exact same town back in the 80s) somehow got lost in the process.


Hopefully we'll see the Japanese rides added sometime soon. I guess the only ones that got added so far were the ones in the park with that massive waterslide tower? Well, here's a photo of that, so my post isn't so awfully off-topic. :p



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Those were sent in seperatly. And are in fact led me to find a list of defunct Japanese parks. I put the rest in a big spreadsheet of doom.

I do love that slide tower though. It must have taken most of the day to get every slide.


Kersplash which operated at the Washington State Fair is pretty odd. 1 of 3 E&F Miler Industries' "Water Coasters". The others are more normal, but this one seems to have a sort of mobius layout. It'd be cool to see it dueling. https://rcdb.com/2929.htm
Also, the cars look really funny: https://rcdb.com/2929.htm#p=11453
It relocated to the Edaville Family Theme Park in Massachusetts but has not opened. https://rcdb.com/11937.htm
Upon research the opening has been getting delayed since 2016, but hopefully it'll open this year! It would definitely be a rare cred, but I haven't heard very positive reviews of it!


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Oh man i love the old Kersplash. its like a watercoaster version of the old fair ground splash boats.
I love anything that makes cred nuts question if they can count it. :)

In other news im just going to leave this Super Glue advert here (The coaster in the video is Togo's rather excellent Bandit)


Double post... but this video is very interesting and fits the thread perfectly...
Of course, some of these are pretty well known. But some, especially that non-larson loop thing, I've never heard of.


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I always like to ask the important questions we all want to know the answers to.
In this case what would happen if an ABC Tube Coaster and Orphan Rocker had a love child?

I think it might look something like this

This thing is called Jungle Coaster and can be found at Selvatica in Cancun, Mexico. It was added to the park earlier this year.
Jungle2.JPG Jungle3.JPG Jungle4.JPG

The ride just looks a bit bonkers really and oddly shares at least some of its support structure with an older zip line style coaster called Tarzania seen here before the addition of Jungle Coaster


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This isnt a coaster and to be honest it really stretches the definition of "Theme Park" but it made me laugh so here you go
Changzhou built Jiangsu's first tax theme park
The city built the province's first tax law culture theme park in the high-speed rail ecological park. The park covers an area of about 500 acres and promotes taxation knowledge and disseminates tax culture through content such as “taxation, development, people's livelihood”, “Chinese tax history”, “tax sea picking up”, “socialist tax development” and “children's eye tax”. Governing taxes according to law and raising the awareness of taxation for the whole people.

A fun day out for the whole family! :p


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Another bit of random crap I've come across today :)
The first 12 seconds of this video is an early 1995 advert for the sadly defunct Space World in Japan when they built Venus.
This should terrify anyone whos seen the Dr Who episode Blink (or any of the weeping angel episodes)

Is it me or did they also use the same sound byte as Roller Coaster Tycoon in there as well?


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Haha, that's amazing. I always assumed it was loosely themed around the planet, but I love how they just shoved in a Roman goddess for the promo. Why not? :p


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Just came across this on RCDB:


In 1956 the school opened a playground with rides built by the metal/steel department of the high school. They were practice for the students and encouraged creativity. The rides were popular and the school was asked to make rides for several other large playgrounds such as Bokrijk, Diepenbeek, Lummen, Grote Brogel and Hengelhoef.

The school still exists to this day, but the playground closed in 1969.