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Weird, Wacky & Strange Coaster Bits


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Ever noticed something out of the ordinary about a coaster? Whether it's a part of a train, track, support, queue, station or some other bit of uniqueness - this is the place to post it for others to see & discuss.
I'll start it off with one of my favorite all-time supports found on Great Bear at Hersheypark. I've never seen one like it on any other coaster.


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^It's because they weren't allowed to built anything in the lake, but the coaster layout went over it partially, so they had to get creative.


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Goudurix's spine when the track is vertical in the butterfly:


It looks very strange to me.


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jayjay said:
^It's because they weren't allowed to built anything in the lake, but the coaster layout went over it partially, so they had to get creative.

It's more like a small river. :)


Vortex as KI's banking after the first drop.. nice job Arrow.


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Man, there are lots of examples of Arrow doing weird things.

When I read the first post in this thread I immediately thought of the section right after Anaconda's MCBR at Kings Dominion.



What exactly was Mr. Toomer going for here? These two 'rings' (for lack of a better word) aren't exactly helices and they combine poor heartlining with an awkward semi-drop in between. Combined with the fact that the MCBR pretty much brings the train to a dead stop, the element is altogether pretty forceless and pointless. The ride is effectively over after the sidewinder, which is a real shame because the drop under the water and the first two elements probably make one of the best Arrow looper beginnings. :?


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The zenith of Arrow's bonkers design teamed with their horrible attempts at heartlining is the legendary Drachen Fire:



The second corkscrew shown was removed it was so badly done. Saying that, I'd LOVE to have ridden it just for the mad layout.


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The Cobra roll on Cobra at Tivoli Friheden is completely insane and oddly shaped. In fact, the whole ride is.


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CMonster said:
Most of Hydra at Dorney. Barrel roll out of the station, weird inversions, ect.

Especially the heavily banked cobra roll. I find it quite weird.

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Annoyingly, this pic doesn't show it off that well:


But them helix' are pretty messed up!

Edit, here's some better pics:



And oddly the front of the train reminds me of a kitten...


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So basically this is just an Arrow topic :p

Just to change that theme, here's some more unusual supports on Great Bear:


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Martyn B said:
...here's some more unusual supports on Great Bear
Read before posting Steven.
I only find the one on the far right unusual, as all these supports should be like the other two since Great Bear is an invert.


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The tilt and drop sections of track on Winjas. There's no pictures of them that I can find but they come as a massive surprise if you're not expecting them there and I don't know any other coaster in the world that has the same sections that they do. :)