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Vulcania | Namazu | Intamin Family Launch Coaster | 2021


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RCDB are listing this as a multi pass LSM launch (aka Swing Launch). That's surely a mistake?

Unless something has changed since the original plans, which seemed to state it was a single launch, especially since that layout doesn't lend itself to being a swing launch?


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An update of dirt and concrete:

Source: https://forum.coastersworld.fr/coasters-europeens/(vulcania)-coaster-(rumeur)/msg362063/#msg362063


Some new stuff with the station, trains and picture from the construction site !

Here is how the area will look like:

And finally the storyline of the ride:

Namazu, visit an advanced scientific base and accompany seismologists to discover an active seismic zone.

Guests will discover an environment very evocative of the theme of earthquakes and will immediately be immersed in the atmosphere: the area seems to have been shaped by an earthquake that impacted both the landscape and the buildings.

The ground seems to rise in layers, faults and cracks appear on the paths and constructions. The Namazu science team has established its seismology monitoring and research laboratory on a particularly unstable fault. Its seismic activity allows numerous surveys and facilitates research. Even so, the area remains dangerous, although the buildings are of earthquake-resistant design, the area is often evacuated for safety.

Before taking off-road vehicles specially designed to access rugged areas to join the Namazu team in place on the ground, guests are invited to enter in groups into the forward base to meet the Namazu team leader.