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Universal Studios Beijing | 2021


Giga Poster
Sounds like test openings are suspended for now.


Source: Themeparx


Strata Poster
Honest thoughts, although hard to judge, it looks decent in terms of visuals and animatronics, but the soundtrack really lets it down? Just sounded a bit... Flat? I don't know, but I feel like if the score was a bit more dramatic and orchestral, it could really elevate it.

Would love to ride it to get a proper feel of it although China isn't on my bucket list, personally.


Mega Poster
That is quite expensive for the Chinese market, but then again it's pretty comparable with Shanghai Disneyland. Lowest priced tickets are 418 RMB (Universal) Vs. 435 RMB (Disney) whilst top price tickets go up to 748 RMB (Universal) Vs. 769 RMB, so it's very much in line with Disney's pricing down in Shanghai.