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Universal Studios Beijing | 2021


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Forgive me if there's a thread for this already, but it seems work is progressing on Universal's new park in Beijing. Here's the concept image from a few years ago:


Here is some more concept art of the park:















And the two most interesting pieces of concept art:



It seems a Transformers themed Incredible Hulk clone is in the works and this is definitely in line with this video:

As you can see there are several pieces of track labelled "SC" which stands for sitdown coaster. It's been a long time since B&M has produced one of these and it makes sense that they would be manufacturing it now with this park planned to open sometime next year. I think it'll be really cool to see a different take on Hulk and based on the concept art it should turn out really nice.

Interestingly enough the other coaster track labelled "MC" or Mega Coaster is also headed to Beijing for Happy Valley's expansion.

Also here is the current state of the park. They have a long way to go!


Huge thanks to Themeparx for all of these photos.


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The budget for this park has just shot up.

Beijing Universal Studios Budget Increases to $6.5 Billion
Contributed by: This site Written on: 2018-05-10

Recently, a person familiar with the matter said that the US Global Theme Park and Resorts Group and its Chinese partners are expanding their plans to build a theme park in Beijing, and they plan to double the investment in the 300-acre park to reach it. $6.5 billion exceeded Walt Disney's investment in more than $5.5 billion in Shanghai Disneyland.
It is understood that the decision to double the investment in Universal Park Theme Park in Beijing was made after investors saw the success of Shanghai Disney. The additional investment will be used to expand the retail and entertainment space of the park and improve the proposed facilities. Create a new paradise related to IP that is popular with Chinese audiences, including Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda and Transformers.
The Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park has already carried out related design work and the construction land has been leveled. The major construction work is expected to start this year and it is planned to start operations in 2020.


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Great stuff! Out of interest, is the park due to have a clone of Hulk at IOA, or did I imagine that? Very interesting decision if it is; Hulk at IOA will be 21 years old when this place opens and has already been refurbished once. Presumably it will have the new-style Hulk theming that came to IOA in 2016, unless it has different theming entirely.
EDIT: Just saw the post above. A Transformers themed Hulk clone should be interesting.


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That video is very random.

Hard to tell but it looks like it might have the power strip on the track like the other Mack suspended coasters.


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Just saw this and was about to post it here. Definitely looks like an Inverted Powered Coaster from Mack.
I was actually kinda expecting a new-gen Vekoma Flyer for that attraction, but this could also turn out veeeery cool!


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It might just be the angle, but it looks like the drop out from the zero-g roll might be steeper than Hulk's?


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I wonder if they're keeping the tire launch or if they're switching to LSM like B&M did with Thunderbird.
I’d imagine that since Hulk was in a time before B&M started pioneering their own launches (16 years before!), this Transformers coaster will have LSMs. Then again, I don’t know why they didn’t make the switch from tires to LSMs when Hulk had its track replaced in the 2016 season.


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I can't recall from the many discussions regarding the fabled Hulk clone - do we know if this is the same hardware that was intended for Universal Dubai (?), Or was hardware even built for that supposed ride?


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I can't recall from the many discussions regarding the fabled Hulk clone - do we know if this is the same hardware that was intended for Universal Dubai (?), Or was hardware even built for that supposed ride?

This is 100% a new ride. The track was at the B&M plant last year around the same time as Yukon Striker was. You can see it here in this pic from wild gravity travels painted black.