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The best part of each coaster in your top 10

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What is the best part of each coaster in your top 10?

Untamed: The whole second half starting from the mini-wave turn out of the turnaround
Ride to Happiness: The double-inverting dive loop (specifically front-flipping through it)
Cu Chulainn: The twisty thing that goes under the lift hill right before the overbank
Megafobia: The valley of the first drop and the hill that comes after it
Smiler: Both barrel roll downdrops after the lift hills
Lost Gravity: The whole first half
Goliath: The final run of ejector hills
Stealth: The launch
Munchen Looping: The first three loops (and the turn between the first and second)
Oziris: The dive under the water (though this may change on a future ride)


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Iron Gwazi: Outer-banked airtime hill. Crazy ejector and seems to last forever.
Taron: The first S-bend out of the tunnel. Best airtime/whip combo I've ever had!
Velocicoaster: 'Mosasaurs' Roll. Love that feeling of nearly being thrown into the lake.
F.L.Y: The airtime hill just after the 2nd launch. Flying out your seat whilst zooming past the CL Hotel is amazing.
Untamed: The double-up/double-down. Just pure RMC ejector relentlessness.
Mako: First airtime hill. Perfect mix of floater and ejector.
Shambhala: First drop. Seems to last forever and you're out your seat the whole time (especially on back-row!)
Red Force: Tough one! I love falling down a 300ft+ drop but the speed you feel on the launch is insane.
Black Mamba: Zero-G roll after the loop. Super close to the rocks and plants and you get a good pop of airtime going into it.
Incredible Hulk: Has to be the launch into the Zero-G roll. Such an awesome way to start off the ride.
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Steel Vengeance - Tough one, so many 'best parts', it's much easier to pick out the one or two parts that aren't that great, but if I had to pick a single moment it would be the wave turn in the structure on the third lap, the one with the cheeky little sideways kick-out at the apex. Madness!

The Ride To Happiness - Again, I love the entire ride, wouldn't change a thing about it... but the double inverting dive loop is really the moment when things are dialled up to 11. Or even 12, if it's spinning right.

Helix - The massive airtime hill after the top hat.

Shambhala - I think it has to be the first drop, doesn't it? Especially in the back.

X2 - Gotta be the first drop again. 200ft, 90 degrees... face first! 😲

Untamed - The home stretch, all those bunny hills with the barrel roll at the end. Hilarious!

Wildfire - Stall. Durr.

Tatsu - Pretzel loop. Durr.

Taron - second launch. Durr.

TTD - The launch. Or possibly the top hat. Definitely one of those two. 🤷‍♂️

And finally the #0 coaster, Nemesis - Gotta be the helix going into the station rollover. Sublime!


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1. Taron - The second launch

2. Taiga - The whole second half is magnificent really, but I think the stall hits just right

3. Untamed - Torn between the dics (double inverted corner stall) or the mini airtime hills just before the final inversion.

4. Skyrush - The drop

5. Helix - The airtime hill after the top hat

6. Oz'Iris - Oooft, I can't think of a stand out best part. Drop is pretty good though innit?

7. Balder - The drop

8. Lost Gravity - The drop

9. Karnan - Torn between the inside section and the drop

10. Phoenix - The double up is mental


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Neat topic!

1. Steel Vengeance: Double Up
2: Maverick: Airtime hill in first half
3. Iron Gwazi: First Drop
4. Millennium Force: First Drop
5. Goliath (Sfgam): Ejector hill
6. Mako: 5 second floater hill
7. Raging Bull: First Drop
8. Magnum Xl-200: Entrance into butterfly turnaround
9. Incredible Hulk: Zero-G Roll
10. Rip Ride Rockit: Any entrance/exit of a midcourse


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1. Steel Vengeance: Hard to pick just one, but I'd probably say the airtime hill and dive into the structure following the MCBR.
2. Taron: The second launch.
3. Zadra: Stall.
4. Fury 325: First Drop.
5. Dinoconda: The 'full-full' (zero-g roll with full seat flip), probably.
6. Lightning Rod: Quad-down.
7. Boulder Dash: Nearly the entire 'outward' run.
8. Skyrush: Every hill.
9. Voyage: The first drop and first hill.
10. Top Thrill Dragster: The launch.
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1: Voyage - Picking up speed through the entire second half, seemingly out of nowhere. The fact that it’s a terrain coaster is so well hidden that it feels like it’s violating the laws of physics on that downhill return run.

2: Iron Gwazi - The wave turn over the station. Sideways airtime the likes of which was unheard of until this thing came into the world. This thing with a loose restraint is seriously mindblowingly good.

3: Intimidator 305 - Feeling all the blood return to your head and regaining full consciousness on the huge airtime hill. I’ve had multiple near-blackout rides where I’ve felt unique sensations here that I’ve never felt anywhere on any other ride. You forget where you are, you can feel your tongue in your mouth, and your arms float up on their own accord. It’s surreal.

4: Steel Vengeance - The big outerbank. Sustained outward banked airtime is such a unique force, and there is none quite as sustained as this element’s. Other rides have tried to replicate this, but none have really captured the insane scale of this moment.

5: ArieForce One - The double up into the ejector camelback. This is a ride full of stellar individual moments, so much so that it’s hard to choose a favorite. That being said, the double up provides a great pop of ejector, but the star of this element is the second part, which is the most powerful RMC camelback I’ve done. The crazy pace this element is taken at blows Storm Chaser out of the water.

6: Skyrush - The s-hill. Getting absolutely catapulted from your seat in the back left is something that can only be experienced to be understood. It’s a serious contender for wildest airtime moment ever, and it’s got stiff competition, even on the same ride! The twisting combined with ejector that feels almost dangerous makes it clear why this is the only moment like this in the world.

7: VelociCoaster - The clear winner for best element is the mosasaurus roll, but my favorite moment is the second launch. The lights, the acceleration, the noise, and the wind all combine to create one of the biggest serotonin moments on any ride for me. It obviously can’t objectively beat the upside down airtime of the mosasaurus roll, but if I could choose one moment on the ride to experience right now, it would be the second launch, in the front, at night.

8: Fury 325 - It’s definitely the treble clef and hive dive. The forces on this element are absolutely perfect, and diving down under the bridge and through the LEDs is another sensation entirely. It’s a one of a kind moment that feels like it wasn’t meant for this world. Why isn’t there more of this?
9: Phantom’s Revenge - The first ejector hill, by the station. The tone shift with this hill is shocking, after the scenic and fast first half. The ride goes from its pleasant first half to its buck wild second half in bombastic fashion, with one of the most abrupt airtime moments ever. If you’re not prepared for this moment, you’ll get absolutely slammed up into the bar.

10: Pantheon - It has to be the swing launch. This element feels malicious, like some powerful entity (a Roman god?) is trying to rip the train apart. The noises and vibrations the LSMs make seem as if an arsenal of power tools is being taken to the train. The way the train goes over the hill seemingly way too fast on the backwards run, and then goes even faster forwards. Even the act of stalling and reversing exudes the vibes of “I am in the hands of something powerful”. This element makes you feel small and insignificant like no other one does.


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Quite tough this one. By their nature most things that make it here don't do it off the back of one moment.

Helix - airtime hill after inversion after second launch
Ride to Happiness - inversion after second launch
Python in Bamboo Forest - the lowest hill at the at the base of the 'first drop sequence'
Jungle Trailblazer (Zz) - the hill at the base of the first drop
Twisted Colossus - airtime hill under the stall if you're duelling, otherwise green double down after the high five
Skyrush - entrance to the final 180 turn, back left side
Toutatis - straight airtime hill after the stall and corner hill
Taiga - dropping off the top hat, back left side
Flying Aces - crest of the upwards turn-into-hill after the speed hill, back left side (i'm noticing a pattern here)
Eejanaika - the very last thing it does before the brakes

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  1. Steel Vengeance - Outerbank
  2. Voyage - Big s-hill over pre lift
  3. Iron Gwazi - Outerbanked wave turn
  4. Skyrush - First drop
  5. Fury 325 - Treble cleft
  6. ArieForce One - Outerbank
  7. Lightning Rod - Quad down
  8. Maverick - First drop
  9. Intimidator 305 - First Drop
  10. Orion - Speed hill

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1: Hyperion - First Drop and 1st Airtime Hill

2: Helix - Airtime Hill after 2nd Launch

3: Zadra - Zero G Stall

4: Untamed - Return run

5: Toutatis - Swing Launch (Backwards bit)

6: Kärnan - The drop

7: Kondaa - outerbank Hill or mini bunny hills

8: Shambhala - First Drop and 1st Airtime Hill

9: Taron - 1st Airtime hill

10: Ride to Happiness - The drop (if sat at the back)
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Lightningrod-waveturn #1
Twisted Colossus-Blue side head chop drop
X2-Skydive drop
Iron Gwazi-Outer Bank
Velocicoaster-Mosasaurus roll
Thunderhead-third large drop
Ghostrider-drop off the mid course
RIP Ride Rockit-non inverting loop
Kentucky Rumbler-First Speed hill


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10. The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland:
Airtime Pop going in the panormanic-curve
9. Untamed
270° double inverting corner stall
8. Lech Coaster
combination of the intense first couple of elements followed by a great airtime pop
7. Zadra
Zero-G stall
6. Kondaa
Outward banked Airtime Hill
5. Toutatis
flat Wave-Turn
4. Shambala
first large Airtime Hill
3. Helix
3rd airtime hill (the one after the second launch)
2. Taiga
Exit of the S-Curves (Last row, left seat)
1. Hyperion
The First drop, with the turnaround being a very close second.