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Soaky Mountain Waterpark | The Edge | Whitewater West water coasters | 2022


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In a surprise announcement, Tennesee's relatively-new Soaky Mountain Waterpark - already equipped with a very impressive Proslide showcase attained last year - will debut THE EDGE in 2022, a 70-ft tall Whitewater West dueling watercoaster with daylight ring effects and a boomerango / halfpipe element each.

When they opened in 2020, the park had opened the Avalaunch, a groundbreaking Proslide product with multiple saucers, uphill sections to spare, and a finale Tornadowave wall element. Not only is it a major crowd pleaser and magnet, it also has extremely low throughput, especially when you realize that they had the option to effectively double the capacity with this one by incorporating 4-person boats instead of 2-person tubes. I had this concern when it was under construction early last year, and my doubts might have just been confirmed. If I had to guess, the park may have wanted a similar enough product that was different enough from the Proslide catalogue which they had pulled every trick in the book out of and combined into a single ride. They're still in their prime, this isn't gonna cause an attendance spike or renewed interest, they don't need the capital so much yet, bottom line is that they need to cut down the lines.

Based on the terrain in the concept artwork, it looks like The Edge will occupy the corner just south of the Avalaunch water coaster (again, drawing away the crowds) and open in time for only the park's 3rd season of operation. The park will also expand its seating options and shade offerings in the process.
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I think I get why its called the edge, the top bit of the boomerangos is aqualucent, so it looks like you'll literally run off the edge of the mountain graphic printed on the slide surface.


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I think the location in the OP might be wrong. There's currently waterslide footers going in near the sign facing Old Knoxville Highway and Winnfield Dunn Pkwy. Drove by it yesterday morning when leaving the Smokies.


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