water coaster

  1. Matt N

    How does water coaster blocking work?

    Hi guys. As you probably know, coasters usually work on the basis of block sections, where a train will not be allowed to move into a specific section of the ride until the train in front has cleared it. However, there’s one ride type where I’ve noticed a deviation from this rule, and that’s the...
  2. Matt N

    Rank the water coasters you've ridden

    Hi guys. Water rides and roller coasters have coexisted for many years, but in 1998, Mack decided to combine the two when they built Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando; with that, they created the water coaster! Since then, Mack have built many more (both traditional water coasters and...
  3. Matt N

    What constitutes a coaster credit when it comes to water rides/water coasters?

    Hi guys. With my current planning of a Europa trip this year, I was reminding myself of what coasters are at the park, and when I came across Atlantica SuperSplash, it got me thinking; how come this is on RCDB? It doesn’t look overly coaster-y, and rides that arguably have an equal or greater...
  4. TPoseOnTantrum

    Soaky Mountain Waterpark | The Edge | Whitewater West water coasters | 2022

    In a surprise announcement, Tennesee's relatively-new Soaky Mountain Waterpark - already equipped with a very impressive Proslide showcase attained last year - will debut THE EDGE in 2022, a 70-ft tall Whitewater West dueling watercoaster with daylight ring effects and a boomerango / halfpipe...