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Small News From The Theme Park Industry

Youngster Joey

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And actively threatening them!

I didn't think Conneat Lake was up to much, and I've got the creds, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Trip report from a while back below - best thing there was the scooters and some of those on that trip (@Snoo, @Error, @Hyde, @Antinos, @pkiknex25, @Youngster Joey) may remember our day there.
The ONLY redeeming quality of that particular visit was the 7 minute rust filled flying scooter cycle with the op encouraging all of us to snap them 😂


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Six Flags have ordered a third train for Iron Rattler:-
Most likely this train will be used as a spare when one of the other trains is in maintenance so 2 train operations can still occur, as the ride is not capable of running 3 trains simultaneously currently. What's also interesting is that Six Flags seem to be working with Gerstlauer again (albeit in a not so interesting way).

I'm really liking what the new CEO has done so far; adding a turntable to Aquaman PW, building a B&M dive in the same park that also has a spare 4th train and now this, not to mention the upgrades they have also done to Poltergeist. It's clear they are putting guest experience as a priority (at least at the Texas parks anyway) which is a huge positive.

EDIT:- New Poltergeist POV which also shows off the new queue, looks nice!
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I wonder if the rotation along the long axis is that slow for engineering reasons or to avoid swinging people through the other carriage's vom streams?


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I'm starting to wonder if one of the reasons I don't feel like this (and a Disk-o) are creds is that very repetitive backwards and forwards they do, powered [almost] all of the way along.

Given that I also don't think a Butterfly is a cred - have I been a plonker and missed some "clearly a coaster" things that operate in this fashion?


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Okay, so in a very big-d**k move, PortAventura World is gonna start accepting Bitcoin at its hotels next year, will become the first theme park to begin accepting cryptocurrencies as payment;


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Also, any business where cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for real money, for instance through the purchase and re-sale of tickets, is going to be used for money laundering. I bet there's going to be a lot more websites and local businesses selling discount tickets to the park now, precisely for that purpose.


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I can very much see this just being a publicity stunt, and either does not actually happen, or is quietly stopped a few weeks/months after being introduced...