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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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The park have (presumably) responded by detailing their plan.

It sounds pretty good to be honest. There were a lot of boarded up buildings in the midway section that leads down to the lake when I visited and the park is definitely in need of a decent amount of work. It is not clear whether Devil's Den or the bumper cars are to go yet.


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A great year on all account's for Fantasy Island's ride selection
The Maurer spinning coaster (Previously owned by Bruch) shall be making it's debut, possibly even to the UK I believe. Then we have Turbulence which is the Zierer star shape from BPB/Skyline park in place of the Frisbee and now it seems to be suggested that maybe The Beast/another topscan is returning however this time its indoors.



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I honestly don't think it will be something like the beast/top scan there is no space bit enough for it to fit. It could be some kinda small zamperla flat on the spot where the old play area was as this was dismantled last season plus it is next to Dragons Mountain/Descent(the slide) so would tie in with the teaser. Do they make 4 seater Robo arms?