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If they are going for the family market (which it certainly looks like they are), getting Excalibur and Pirates Adventure running again could be a decent, and possibly cost effective, shout. Of course refurbing them could end up being more expensive than a new ride I've no clue!

Does anybody know the status of Excalibur and PA? Eg is the hardware still there? I know they flogged a bunch of the theming and boats and stuff last January but theoretically is the stuff still there if they wanted to spruce it up? Not that I can honestly see it happening but I've always been bewildered at the idea of the likes of Pirates Adventure just sat there in a closed off building.

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I’ll admit it’s always intrigued me as to why more Chance Hyper GT-X coasters haven’t been built. They’re exactly the kind of low-cost, compact, high thrill coaster that seems to be becoming popular in mid-size theme parks! Was there some kind of issue with Kentucky Kingdom’s model that might have put potential buyers off or something?

As for the inversions now being included, could Chance potentially be trying to produce their take on the Vekoma Bermuda Blitz? I know Intamin also now offers inversions on the Ultra Coaster (new name for the Mega-Lite), so they certainly wouldn’t be the only ones!


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Besides the Rapids reopening, Drayton Manor seem to be opening a new Wave Swinger for this year!


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Last I heard RE: Black Mirror Labyrinth is that Netflix were having doubts about the project late into its construction and had their reservations about the project. I’d heard that it was the reason why Thorpe Park were being funny about giving maps out.

At one point I’d even heard that they’d looked into the possibility of another theme, so perhaps this could be true? Time scale is questionable, but it’s certainly interesting.
It may well be that Black Mirror is dumped, but it won't be to do with Netflix as they don't own the IP. It's probably more because in the last year Charlie Brooker & Annabel Jones who created and make the show have left the company that owns it and signed their own production deal with Netflix. Endemol own Black Mirror and have licenced it to Thorpe Park but Netflix don't want a non-Brooker series so any future plans are in limbo. Thus, Thorpe are better going with a licence that's still producing new material (just) than one that's pretty much dead.


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Great to see any idea if they've fixed the double lifts? Can't recall in my time seeing both working
The post says the station was their last assignment on this project. Which suggests other parts of the ride have had some attention. Would have to assume the vertical lift they have the ongoing struggle with is included. Hopefully it can be fixed and the ride returned to full capacity consistently at long last.