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Small News From The Theme Park Industry

The big dipper had a massive layout change after twenty years.
So half of the ride is not original.
Didnt stop me really enjoying its 90th birthday though.
Pop, cake, candles and everything.
And this is why this forum is awesome, because I think the Big dipper is a bag of old rubbish and was the most painful ride experience I've ever had. An awful coaster that I'd have to be dragged on in the future. But people like different things!


Dont sit over a wheel!
Easy to say, not always easy to do, but it does make a very clear difference!
The cars flex for a little comfort...but not over the wheels.
Same on the National.


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Some interesting concept art for the proposed Zhangjiajie: High-altitude extreme experience park which has been given aproval.

Loads more images here

Zhangjiajie is a stunning place to visit and i'd love to go again. If this gets built it will put it way back up the list.



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What the hell is this??
I believe it is a Sunkid Biga Coaster