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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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Thanks to that ever-reliable source of info Ladbible for this snippet of comedy gold:

Done some poking around but I can't work out what make or model this is
@roomraider mentioned this ride somewhere in this forum back when it opened. Italpark Tekno planes I believe, still cant believe it even opened in first place! Looked fun enough though.


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Yeah, I should think that replacing the chain itself is reasonably straightforward. Checking/repairing/replacing anything else that might have been damaged during the incident may take a longer, I suppose.


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Would they even replace the entire chain if one link has failed yet the rest of the chain is within it’s rated life expectancy?
I assume they would have to test whether the one link failed because of something unique, or if other links were on the brink of failure too. So a thorough inspection of each link, in other words.

Besides, it may be that curling the chain up like that could bend some links in ways they weren't designed for. Another reason why the entire chain would need inspection. At that point, putting in a spare chain they know is fine would probably be a lot faster and cheaper.