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Six Flags Great America |"X-Flight"| B&M Wing Coaster


Strata Poster
6FGAm will likely keep the effects going for a while, but certainly not forever. The tunnel lights still work on Demon, and that's going on 32 years for those. Demon's waterfall and 'river of blood' have been used during Fright Fest as recently as 2005, but not during the full season.


Giga Poster
I didn't ever want to say this, but this ride pisses all over The Swarm.
Yes The Swarms theming is better, but this ride is just paced alot better.


Slut for Spinners
I had the pleasure to ride X-Flight yesterday. Everything about the ride was positive. The seats and restraints were very comfortable and the ride itself was graceful, yet intense. The layout flowed well and every element and transition was fluid. The first 0-g roll on the right side rivals Patriot's 0-g roll - it's absolutely incredible feeling. The ride is also very fun to watch. Its wide trains make the ride look magnificent as it soars through all its unique elements. I don't know where it sits in my ratings, but if all wing coasters are like this, we better be seeing a lot more of them.

Also, while I'm talking about SFGAm, I was thoroughly surprised by Raging Bull! When I rode it on my first visit, it was absolutely piss poor. I could have sat on a park bench for three minutes and been as thrilled as I was riding Bull for the first time. This time though, the trims were still on, but biting nowhere near as hard. The ride wasn't perfect, but it was running much closer to its intended speed. I left some space in my lap bar and actually got some airtime over a few hills. I also wasn't hanging out the side of my seat as the train rounded one of the taller turns. I wouldn't say the ride was thrilling, but it was definitely a very fun experience.

So yeah...X-flight is solid and I won't be bashing Raging Bull as much as I used to.