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Six Flags Great America | Maxx Force | S&S Air Launch


You can gather all that information from just watching a video of a slow launch? ;)
I'd rather say I've gathered it from the POV and ride specifications; it's just that seeing it start to test reminds me of how awesome it will be.

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This ride is the roller coaster equivilant of going to your local pizza takeaway and ordering a 6inch personal pizza with your favourite toppings.

All the good ingredients are there and sure it will be really good but you'll always know having the 18inch pizza with the stuffed crust and garlic dip would have been so much better.

Now I'm hungry... Dammit.


The launch will be epic. Since its basically the same as Hypersonic XLC, and I was lucky to get on that a couple of times, it was one of the most intense things I've experienced.
That said the rest of the ride looks like it'll either be forceful as hell, with the turn, roll and ejector hill, or lame if you don't feel the hill that much and the roll happens so fast you don't notice. Since its so short, it has to deliver. This is one I will wait to hear reviews for and pencil it in for 2020. Glad its testing at least!