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Silver Dollar City | Time Traveler | Mack Looping Launched Spinner


This really looks like a BigDipper. I would actually surprised if it was a spinner. With this logo, I think it is safe to assume it is a big dipper. Would make more sense to me as well than a custom launched spinner.


OR it's just a silhouette of a 4 person wide coaster car.
It's definitely a silhouette of a Big Dipper, and since the only existing one is Lost Gravity, it is from that one. There are not many coaster cars on which the outer seats have no floor and are elevated. I don't know what is going on with that logo, but I am 100% sure the silhouette is a big dipper. May be fake or a mistake, but I know what I am seeing.


It's a Big Dipper.

It clearly is. Assuming it would be real (and at this point I think it's a fake), why would they use the silhouette of such a specific coaster type that exists just once. If they just put it there for decoration, without being related to the coaster, they would use a standard coaster from a stockphoto, a classic Vekoma or something like that.

Mason Blaty

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Another thing Ive noticed is when comparing the track on lost gravity and the SDC project. The SDC project looks to have much beefier track than lost gravity hence needing to support heavier trains than the little big dipper trains on lost gravity.


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May be completely wrong here but what are the chances this ride uses a system similar to Cobras curse. A standard train for the first half before the launch and then the spinning trains unlock somewhere on the layout. Perhaps just before the launch like Gekion in Tokyo? Although quite what the worlds first is beyond multiple inverting spinning coaster i dont know.