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SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor | 2021

Aaron Smith

Mega Poster
If the previous SR coasters are anything to go by, Jersey Devil should be up in no time once the footers are done. Hopefully SFGAdv are aiming at opening day?

The park opens for the 2020 season on April 4th. I just cannot envision them having this ready for that date. I would assume it should open around Memorial Day (or July since this is Six Flags).


CF Legend
Will expect to see track arriving soon and vertical construction starting within the next week.. still have some hope of getting on this when I visit the park from the UK mid June
Not sure about "in a week", there is still some foundation work to be done so I reckon it will be at least two weeks until we see vertical construction of the coaster.


Strata Poster
This thing won't take long to go up. I wouldn't be surprised if it's put up by end of March and testing. And yes, I know it's Six Flags.

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