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SFGAdv | Jersey Devil Coaster | RMC Raptor | 2021

John Knotts

Mega Poster
Interesting that last year at this time both Maxx Force and West Coast Racers names had leaked. This year there seems to be legit secrets.


Hyper Poster
To be honest, Desmo Race looks like a very interesting and unique ride that I think would work extremely well at a landlocked or lower budget park, but it just doesn’t look like something that would fit in at Six Flags Great Adventure. Perhaps this would be a better option if they were replacing the likes of Runaway Mine Train, but still wanted to retain a family ride in that space.


Slut for Spinners
Yeah, I'm going to circle back to @Youngster Joey pointing out that Six Flags day is on August 29th and IAAPA is in November and I'm going to die on that hill as well. If we're going to find out about S&S' post in November, it can't be for a Six Flags park.

Matt N

CF Legend
I personally think that lots of the clues make reference to a potential duelling coaster; look at the likes of "villain with complex duality" and "better together, or go it alone?"!