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Seaworld San Diego | Tidal Twister | Skyline Skywarp Horizon


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I do like how the seats lower down like a Bayren Kurve. In fact, the entire ride set up reminds me of a Bayren Kurve with an inversion.

While I'm pretty sure the execution is not going to be great, and I do agree the restraints look like a hot mess, I do at least appreciate the design of this way more than the SkyWarp models.

I'm trying to find some positives here. ;)

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Looks interesting, to say the least! I thought it looked quite rattly in the video considering it doesn't go overly fast (30mph), but the guy said it was smooth, so maybe it's just the camera distorting things? Looks perfectly fine for a mid-investment year before Mako, though!


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A for effort.
F for execution.

I really want to like these models because I think they are a new versatile take on a classic ride like the Loop-on-Tops by Larson. However, the POV makes it look weak, slow, way too loud and shaky for what it does, and these restraints are just an overkill. Couldn't Skyline Attractions come up with a more minimalistic design which offered both a comfortable and safe restraint?

I know I should hold judgement until I ride one myself, but since I am not going to Sea World San Diego in the foreseeable future, I will just wait for the first reviews.


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How in the hell in 2019 are drive tires a thing still? I understand cost, but each time it hits the tires in the video, it shakes even more. There has to be a better way.

There has to.

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These need big improvements to truly work.
1. Better restraints (those whoppers look awful)
2. Smoother (shoutout to the guy clearly lying, in the video)
3. Quieter
4. Faster
5. Longer ride time
6. Better propulsion systems (drive tires? What is this a fairground ride?)

It’s a good concept... but if I was a park I’d rather buy a Gravity Group family woodie or save up and spend my money on a Sky Rocket


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Not a cred. A neck snapping whiplash trap? Yes.

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This is a cred, no reason why it shouldn't be. It's on RCDB after all.

That's about as good as it gets though, don't think I'll be a fan when I ride it eventually.