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Seaworld San Diego | Tidal Twister | Skyline Skywarp Horizon


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That looks pretty gross.

I do feel like I'd prefer this model to the Harley Quinn one. That one's just endless dive loops but at least this one has a nice hill to give you a break from all the inversions?


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Every time I see the be of these I think, it looks terrible, but it's not an inherently awful product that couldn't be improved with a slight change. All they need to do is ditch the idea of the quasi-dueling passenger trains and it's already a less clunky idea.

Having one single small train zipping along the track doesn't look as impressive as the crossover/high five aspect of these rides, but it'd cut the noise by a large margin, and only having one small, lighter train to push on those drive tyres might result in a speedier, more thrilling ride. I know the manufacturer will never do it, but I wish they would because I just can't picture this concept sticking around for years to come.


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So the ride is testing (video by Parks Bros):-
And it actually looks alright, and could possibly have some airtime. Although I am curious to see how this is driven, it seems to have its drive tyres at the side of the track instead of on it like HQCC. I'm also curious to see if this will turn out to be better than HQCC.


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The only real interesting footage of the whole ride is at the 6:27 mark for anyone curious. The rest is partial shots over a fence and an awful lot of chatter about nothing much at all, except that it's quieter than HQCC...yay.


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This looks like a improvement on Harley Quinn but honestly i think the restraints make these rides look unbearable!
I think its a cool concept but i really think they need to add some less head-banging inducing restraints to future models..


I don’t think it was posted here, as I just scrolled through the entirety of this surprisingly short thread. I might do some further digging, though.


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There seems to be barely any changes in speed in that clip. Going through that zero g roll a dozen (?) times will be so repetitive.

And it's a cred, so we all have to deal with it if we happen to go to the park.


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This was not built with coaster enthusiasts in mind. I can imagine the number of bona fide coaster enthusiasts visiting Sea World San Diego is not a big number. This was built for families with tweens who are looking for something more intense than Manta, but less than Electric Eel. On that level, it does have the potential to do it's job (assuming the ride is semi-smooth--a big leap of faith, I suppose). So who cares if we on this board are interested? We're not their target audience for this.

What is the point in this ride?
What's the point of a Bayern Kurve? Or a Himalya flat ride? What's the point of a Super Loop/Ring of Fire flat ride? Or any coaster, for that matter... you just end up where you started, lol.
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