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scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest


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Due to recent events, I now posses an increased amount of time which I can use to initiate the construction of more coaster creations! :--D

Therefore, I'll enter this one as it seems just perfect for me! (Great idea Scw55!)

I'll disclose a little information: "Mini Expedition Everest" (without direction alternation) and a little bit of ingenuity...


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Thekingin64 said:
The Max height difference between top and bottom on Nemesis is actually around 100ft.

I know, but I said from top to ground level.

I suppose if you want a less abstract context example, Air.


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A little update on my imminent creation:





What will soon be inside a mountain..



Note that:
-The station is not yet completed
-Most of this will be contained inside a mountain


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No, the overall difference between max and min heights can only be ~60ft. That is the rule for this contest thus Josh saying Air is a better example.


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Because otherwise you could cheat and build a coaster on a mountain side and turn the contest from a restrictive pseudo family ride builder to a half-arsed terrain coaster.


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If in doubt, build a mini boomerang or something :p or just a launched start coaster if you find the heigh restrictions too harsh.


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Basically, to prove it you would have to take an awful looking screenshot with height figures spewd across the track; looking very messy.
So, otherwise, it'll be hard to tell. I mean, if you take the piss it'll be noticeable. But 5ft won't be noticed.

It's more of a gentleperson's rule. Respect it, but if you go over by a little don't worry. I'll pretend that I never read your confession :p


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Got the layout almost done, even though the distance from the highest point to the lowest is ~70 ft. The highest drop is only 60-ish, though. I think this one will be the new coaster for my park.


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Unfortunately my themeing for the ride has come to a dead stop as everytime I delete and reinstall Steelworx and Steel Chaos, they dont want to work >< So ill use my previous video that I made that has no scenary modding at all and use that I guess :-\ While I post pics of what I have done for the scenary.

Edit: Here is the Quarry Surfer, a B&M Flyer:


Remember, I wasn't able to do much with the theme as my PC wouldn't allow me too :C I will post pics though to show you what HAS been done.