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Schwarzkopf - hero, or hopeless?


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I've been on a few Schwarzkopf coasters, and my opinion ranges from "okay for a cheap filler coaster" to "stayed in my top ten for along time, and is probably still in my top ten steel".

KDIslandmingerman (or whatever his name is) has an inflaming quote in his sig saying he hates Schwarzkopf. Now, I can understand the latter part, Anton really didn't seem to know much about running a successful business. However, in terms of manufacturers, I think the company was important for their vision and the way they pushed the envelope in terms of both ground breaking thrill rides, and cheap and cheerful, fun off-the-shelf models.

What are everyone else's opinions of Schwarzkopf? Is KDlangalangmadingdong right? Does he just need to ride more Schwarzkopf coasters (the answer here is yes by the way ;) )?

Hero to the coaster industry, or failed business man with ideas beyond his abilities?

You may want to reference this for information:



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Maker of the best traveling coasters ever!

Some favorites (not just traveling :wink: )
Teststrecke, Mind Bender, Dreier Looping (aka Magnum Force), Whizzer, White Lightnin', Alpina Bahn, Thriller & Olympia Looping!

Need I say more...

OK, more...
My second coaster ever (Wildcat) & my first looping coaster (Weight Drop Shuttle Loop). Also my favorite loops - just so smooth & painless.

So, uh... YEAH!!!


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Lisebergbanana is one of my favourite "fun" coasters. The way it dives off the hillside is superb, then the final helix is massively powerful. It's an absolute joy of a coaster. Also loved Bullet and Magnum Force and even Thunderlooper was good (just not as good as everyone thinks ;) .

However, I found the Jet Star coasters dull and the Wildcat coaster at LWV is pretty naff - but they're not "high trill" machines, they're cheap and cheerful filler family coasters.

I don't know the exact reasons behind the business issues at Schwarzkopf, but certainly for a while they were producing massively and selling a lot. I know the coaster industry moved on very quickly with larger manufacturers like Intamin, Arrow and B&M hitting the scene with large scale deployments and innovations. It's a shame though, because his rides always seem to "do the job" and reliability and comfort after 30 years is still there in their coasters.


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I've only rode one Schwarzkopf coaster that being Magnum Force. I have to say, I thought it was amazing. SO intense, pretty smooth, fast paced, amazing drops. There was nothing really to complain about. Yeah, you're right, the company wasn't run in the right way and maybe didn't run as good as it could have been, but, the coasters they did make, make a long lasting opinion in many coaster enthusiasts. I mean, when you got to a park, as an enthusiast, you don't dread riding a Schwarzkopf, where as when you see a Vekoma on the other hand (Boomerang's are a prime example), you aren't as excited.

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Some of his rides are possibly the most forceful coasters ever concieved... And many still put a lot of modern coasters to shame...

However, to me, none of his coasters pass the "great fun" level of coaster ratings... I definitely haven't ridden enough of them but I can't imagine any of them breaking into my top 10 because they are not the 'full' package...

The fact that many of his rides still stand and are still exciting are a testament to his abilities though... Very good man, even if his name is an arse to spell...


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For me they have made the coasters I enjoy the most.

Thunderlooper was fantastic and a ride I miss.
I love Scorpion at BGA, I can ride that again and again plus lapbars :)
Twist and Shout in Scotland god knows how many times I rode that.

As Furie says Lisebergbanana is my favorite ride in that park, loved it.

Black Hole and Beast at Alton were brilliant as well, and I will be going on one in Italy.

Alpina Bahn I loved again in my top 10 steel coasters.

Looping is a coaster I want to ride, there are not many wants in my world of coasters.

Anyone who knows me will know I am happy if a park has a Schwarzkopf coaster.

What other company provides full lopping intense traveling coasters?

They made the most intsense coasters out there and unlike some they seem to age well. All I have been on provide a fantastic experience and are always different.


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Well.. He was eh.

I mean, building the first modern looping coaster has to count for something, right? I've only been on SooperDooperLooper and Wildcat and I must say, both rides gave me headaches. So I guess you could say that without him we wouldn't be as far, but we also wouldn't have some of those dumpy rough rides that never go away because they can be transported so easily.


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FYI - A Schwarzkopf Wildcat is not the same as the Wildcat coaster at Hersheypark. :wink:


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Magnum Force and Bullet *mouse with no wiskers*

Also, Olympia looping? Just looking at the thing is amazing. And I like his incredibly annoying to spell name.


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People forget he was doing his work with no computers, and developed amazing concepts, as well as incredible rides. From three launch concepts (flywheel, weight drop and friction wheel) to the first vertical loops in over 50 years, he made huge strides in coaster design.

He should have let someone else run the accounting side of the house, though.
I can't say any have made my top ten, however they're typically a lot of fun, even the ones that are typically considered crap, I've had a good time on. Whizzer is probably my favourite one, was definitely a pleasant surprise. SooperDooperLooper was average but fun, same goes for the other ones I have been on like Wildcat and Tig'rr.

So nothing to crack the top ten (however, Olympia Looping looks nuts, yet still not a top ten), but good fun.


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Schwarzkopf seem to have a lot of travelling coasters. The quality in some of their designs is great and they have some of the most intense non-B&M and non-Intamin coasters out there. Having said that some of their coasters are a bit shoddy. They are hit and miss imo.


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Modern roller coasters can be utterly crap - take Th13teen for an example, or X:\WTF?. I can't think of a Schwarzkopf ride I'd describe as an epic fail.

Pretty much all the Schwarzkopf coasters I've seen and ridden have been at least fun rides. Even the Wildcats, which are considered to be pretty tame are at least better than equivalent rides from other manufacturers.

The better Schwarzkopf rides I've ridden have been thoroughly enjoyable, and it looks to me like I've yet to ride any of the "top tier" Schwarzkopf rides. As far as I'm concerned, many of the Schwarzkopf coasters are up there with the majority of recent coasters.

I'm with people in the "creative genius, but lacking in business skills" camp.

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The only Schwartzkopf coaster I can think of thats a bit 'meh', a bit average, is the Wildcat (Rat Ride). Its just too similar to the Pinfari guff.

At the other end, I have a lotta love for The New Beast, and thats one of his tamer creations.


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UC said:
I just think if you see Schwarzkopf as "hopeless" (as this topic puts it), you either:

A. Are judging his rides in comparison to some of the beasts we have today.


B. You don't know anything about roller coasters.

Have an opinion different to yours?


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I haven't been on many.. but I haven't been on any that I hated. Age definitely played a factor but it wasn't something I'd cry about.


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Well since this was inspired by me, I suppose I should throw my hat in the ring. I'm sure there are good Schwartzkopf coasters out there. And yes, Revolution and Sooperdooperlooper were innovative in all honesty. But the rides are done and done. Most of them are what? 20+ Years old and dying out. Laser was just taken out from Dorney, which I hear was a classic, but never got up there in time to ride it. The one at Edmonton Mall looks very fun, but again, I personally have not ridden it. Put me on a good Schwartzkopf and I will retract my statement. But thus far, he was innovative for roller coasters, but I'd much rather ride Mantis or Draggin' Iron then take another venture on Wildcat.

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His rides are peerless; none of the newer shiny rides at FL for example really hold a candle to the Bullet or Magnum Force. They just felt powerful, but without the pain associated with the likes of the similar Vekomas. The rides generally didn't have flat spots either, and came to a decent finish, not a damp squib, like all to many rides do these days.

Its just a shame that they cost far to much to run and are hard to get parks for, to see some of the older classics in more small UK parks. The fact that no-one has picked up either Twist and Shout, or the touring 'shockwave' looping star is a massive, massive shame.

One final thought; his first drops are generally still now, some of the best out there.