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S&S Axis Coaster: Where and When?


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After the announcement of the new addition at Six Flags Fiesta Texas not being an S&S Axis Coaster as speculated by some, where do you think the first one will go? There was some hearsay about one potentially opening next year... what's the likelihood of this happening?

Lori Marie Loud

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Eeeny meeny miney:

Kings Dominion. The rumors were for a Wing (canned) and then the record breaking Gerstlauer (going to Glenwood). Maybe the Axis is replacing Volcano?


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Highly doubt Kings Dominion. Since they *already* have the S&S free spin thing sitting in their parking lot since last year, waiting to be built (likely the TopSpin site), it would see an odd choice to get back-to-back '4D-ish' coasters, no?


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Chessington, anyone?
Joking... but kinda not joking. I mean, they're looking to build something, right? They're looking for ideas. Something not too big... but unique. Something they can market. Something with a 1.4m height limit, supposedly.
It's a wild card, I know, but sometimes wild cards actually happen, as evidenced recently by the Glenwood Caverns thing. And as we all know, Merlin DOES like a wild card every now and then.
If this does pan out (it won't... but if it does), I want it on record that Howie called it (again).


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There's no evidence whatsoever, but if its a European park then Alton towers. They're due a coaster in the next couple of years; merlin will have a legitimate world first and secret weapon to market with; S&S generally seems to have a mid-tier price range which would allow merlin to theme it out a bit; and the model would provide it's thrills without the need for height and speed.

Its a complete guess that doesn't fit with the vekoma/s&s catchment areas. But the ride model just seems to fit AT's situation well.
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