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Rank the Pinfaris you've done

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The legends themselves. This'll be fun.

#1 Crazy Loop - Brean Theme Park: Actually enjoyable, and for once the loop did something to me. Highly questionable transition into the final brakes.

#2 Looping Star - Clacton Pier: Strangely intense drops, extremely questionable transitions and good helices. Loop is again by far the least intense part of the ride. Smallest and most cramped trains I've ever seen.

#3 Roller Coaster - Southport Pleasureland: Don't remember much but it was inoffensive and not as bad as everyone made it out to be.

#4 Alpine Thriller - Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: Overhated from my experience though I was pretty small when I did it. Rode it more than once voluntarily so it must have been good.

#5 Dinosaur Valley - Wicksteed Park: Wannabe Schwarzkopf. Exists solely so you can say "I did a slightly substantial roller coaster today". Restraints murder your shoulders and jank valleys but oddly rerideable and well-rounded layout.

#6 Turbo - Brighton Pier: One of the only times I had to wait for a coaster for enough people to ride. Loop was slightly underwhelming, forgot the rest.

#7 Python - Gullivers Milton Keynes: Jank but decently fun turns for a family coaster.

#8 Mighty Mini Mega - Adventure Island: Jank but decently fun turns for a family coaster.

#9 Queen Bee - Bottons Pleasure Beach: Good for the uniqueness factor, but doesn't have much else going for it.

#10 Big Apple - Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach: Average Wacky Worm.

#11 Clown Coaster - Wicksteed Park: Almost as basic as a coaster can get. Literally almost walked straight past this coaster without noticing it.

#12 Big Apple - Bottons Pleasure Beach: The WORST trims I have ever felt on any wacky worm. Any speed the ride gains is quite literally killed instantly. I can walk faster than the top speed of this thing.


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I think I have been very lucky, to have never ridden many Pinfari coasters. But they were all very descent.

1. Roller Coaster - EuroPark Milano Idroscalo
2. Ortobruco Tour - Gardaland
3. Beastie - Alton Towers
I think there's a colon missing in the thread title

Rank: The pinfaris you've done

they pretty much are all rank.

Having said that my earliest memory of a roller coaster was riding Thunder Mountain at Flamingo Land, which was an enclosed Zyklon / Z40 in the dark with some lightning effects. It must of done something right I guess given how many more coasters I've ridden since.

God have mercy

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I've always wondered if Pinfari would of upped up there game and actually become a semi decent rollercoaster manufacturer. Wonder if we would of had Pinfari go above 100ft with multiple inversions and launches?


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I'll play, why not. Even though they are unquestionably awful, there is something I kind of like about them, I think it's the way they
feel like backyard coasters.

The looping ones are the best:
1. Tornado (M&D's)
2. Tsunami
3. Shockwave (Brean)
4. Looping Star (Clacton)
5. Turbo

Then a couple of half decent misc rides:
6. Super 8er Bahn
7. Mighty Mini Mega
8. (Alpine) Thriller Coaster

Then the Zyklon/Galaxi types:
=9. Wildcat
=9. Grizzly Bear
=9. Dream Hunters Society

These 2 are pretty awful:
=12. Express/Creepy Crawler
=12. Roller Coaster (Wicksteed)

Dragon things (not sure why this layout is so much less popular than wacky worms?):
=14. Beastie
=14. Super Dragon

Wacky worms last:
=16. African Big Apple
=16. Mini Apple
=16. Caterpillar Capers
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Late to the party, but what a party!

The winners
1. Valle degli Gnomi @ Fiabilandia - The one that started it all. Amazing in every way.
2. Miniera d'Oro Del West @ Fiabilandia - And a fun mine train counterpart.
3. Ortobruco Tour @ Gardaland - All hail the super worms.
4. Super 8er Bahn @ Wiener Prater - It's huge and rather good really.
5. Gold Rush @ Kingoland - This park has a pretty sweet pair of Pinfaris.
6. Apollo Steamrocket @ Kingoland - That are far too well themed for what they are.

The legends
7. Mighty Mini Mega @ Adventure Island
8. Beastie @ Alton Towers
9. Turbo @ Brighton Pier

Nothing more than coasters
10. Rocket @ Southport Pleasureland
11. Orkanens Øje @ Tivoli Friheden
12. Roller Coaster @ Wicksteed Park
13. Creepy Crawler @ Oakwood Theme Park - the roughest, because it came from Scotland, but at least it has a funny queue

Too much of a coaster
14. Gotham @ Parc d'Attractions Marseillan-Plage - I'm not sure, would I rather ride this again or a Wacky Worm? Probably the latter.

The worms
15. Queen Bee @ Botton's Pleasure Beach - Inverted trumps non-inverted
16. Imorinth @ Himeji Central Park - Best name
17. Wriggler @ Gullivers Warrington - 2nd best name
18. Chenille @ Nigloland - 3rd best name
19. Crazy Caterpillar @ Tir Prince Family Funfair - Because I'm CRAAAZY!!!!!

Lazy worms
20. Big Apple @ Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - Ridden it twice I'll have you know
21. Big Apple @ Botton's Pleasure Beach
22. Big Apple @ West Sands Fun Fair - It rained

I don't even know what these are
Dragen @ Tivoli Friheden
Funlandasaurus @ Funland
Alpine Adventure @ Winter Wonderland (Buwulda)
Alpine Thriller Roller Coaster @ Winter Wonderland (Manning)

I know these are pretty poor (the parks are, too)
27. Circus Clown @ Oakwood Theme Park
28. Clown Coaster @ Wicksteed Park
29. Strom @ Magic Park Land

For making me wait several hours
30. Crazy Loop @ Brean Theme Park

For ruining all my milestones
31. Big Apple @ Peter Pan's Playground - my very first cred, apparently


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I'll play, why not. Even though they are unquestionably awful, there is something I kind of like about them, I think it's the way they
feel like backyard coasters.

The looping ones are the best:
1. Tornado (M&D's)

That's the first time I've ever seen tornado at the top of a list!


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Yeesssssss list topics!!
Not including the portables I've done (out of laziness) I think this is my full list, haha

Beastie Alton Towers
Big Apple Luna Park (Astro) - With the turntable
Big Apple Southport Pleasureland
Big Apple Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Big Ohhhh! Fun Plex
Caterpillar Capers Camelot Theme Park
Circus Clown Oakwood Theme Park
Circus Clown Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Família Expressz Holnemvolt Park
Gauntlet Camelot Theme Park
Grizzly Bear Lightwater Valley
Log Roll'r Coaster Yellowstone Bear World
Looping Star Jolly Roger at the Pier
Looping Star Keansburg Amusement Park
Mega Blitz Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Mighty Mini Mega Adventure Island
Mouse Trap Wonderland Amusement Park
Python Playland's Castaway Cove
RC-48 Morey's Piers (Wade Shows)
Rollies Coaster Morey's Piers
Sand Blaster Boardwalk Amusements
Super 8er Bahn Wiener Prater
Super Dragon Drayton Manor

Gauntlet was probably the worst of them and Super 8er Bahn the best