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Rank the Alton Towers coasters


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Visited yesterday for the first time in a few years:

1. Nemesis Reborn - the back row night ride was amazing and liking the new theme, not so keen on the new queue line though.
2. Wickerman - running much faster than I remembered
3. Smiler - this was probably my #1 at Towers last time, still enjoy it but always a chore to get on with its queue line shenanigans!
4. Oblivion - really showing it’s age now but was the most reliable major coaster in the park yesterday, and probably one of the best capacities with the full station in use.
5. Rita - meh.
6. Thirteen - didn’t ride yesterday due to crazy queue times but enjoy it for the drop I suppose…
7. Runaway Mine Train - rarely ride it but ok for a Mack powered…
8. Galactica - queued a ridiculous amount of time with 3 breakdowns including when sat on the train. Used to enjoy it years ago but doesnt do it for me anymore, not a fan of the sensation lying on your back either. And the Galactica theme makes zero sense anymore, time for it to go…
9. Spinball whizzer - not ridden in years
10. Octonauts - did it once for the shameless cred!


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1. Wickerman - I really like GCIs, they are always fun rides. The theming and the pre show are really great, the layout itself is rather tame, compared to other GCIs, still a fun ride, imo.
2. Thirteen - I like the location in the forest, also the theming, the surprises. A fun ride, nothing too spectacular though.
3. The Smiler - Fun coaster, not as rough as I expected (except for 1 bump pretty much at the airtime hill at the end somewhere, if I remember correctly). Had a ride completely in the rain, which was definitely an experience, especially going up the vertical lift hill.
4. Oblivion - I like Dive coasters, and this is the OG.
5. Galactica - Being the first Flying coaster, it's a bit lame, compared to other Flying coasters. Still I enjoyed it.
6. Nemesis - Not a big fan of B&M inverts, but I really love how it's embedded in the terrain.
7. Rita - The launch is awesome but just with Desert Race at Heide Park, I really despise the seats and the restraints. Maybe it's because I'm quite tall, but it's really uncomfortable and thus not really reridable for me.
8. Runaway Mine Train - Love the tunnel alongside the Congo River as it boosts up.
9. Spinball Whizzer
10. Octonauts


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Shocked I've never posted in this thread, given I have lived within 30 minutes of the park almost my entire life. I think I must have posted in a similar thread sometime in the past. Anyway....

  1. Nemesis
  2. Rita
  3. Wicker Man
  4. Thirteen
  5. Smiler
  6. Galactica
  7. Oblivion
  8. Runaway Mine Train
  9. Octonauts
  10. Spinball Whizzer

And as an old guy, all the defunct ones:
  1. Thunder Looper
  2. Corkscrew
  3. Black Hole
  4. Alton Mouse
  5. Alton Beast
  6. Four Man Bob
  7. Dragon/Beastie
  8. Mini Apple
I would put Thunder Looper above Thirteen and maybe even WM. Loved that ride!


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1.Nemesis Reborn
Brilliant coaster, now it's the complete package, absolutely love it.

2. Wicker Man
A Very close second, again a great all round package attraction and very thrilling, just doesn't quite beat the National for my number one wooden coaster.

3. Oblivion
A one trick pony, but it's it's bloody good trick.

4. Rita
A ride that's grown on me in recent years, the launch still takes my breath away but the layout and overall theme lacks.

5. Spinball Whizzer
A great family coaster, more thrilling than I expect it to be, and a lot of fun.

6. Galactica
Needs a overhaul now to find it's home in FV but it's a fun enough ride.

7. Thirteen
Good family coaster, nice drop element, questionable theme.

8. Runaway Mine Train
Decent family coaster, very good theme too.

9The Smiler
Poorly executed ride, no attempt at themeing beside the structure in the middle of the ride, the rest of it takes place in a concrete pit. The queue is horrible, the ride itself is rough with no thought given to the layout other than to take the number of inversions.

10. Octonauts
Typical kids coaster.

Flash Shift

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I'm not going to rank Octonauts as I've never actually been on it - there's never enough time or shamelessness to ride it and going solo last week definitely meant I wasn't doing it! I'm assuming it would be at the bottom though.

9. Runaway Mine Train - skipped this last week. From previous rides it's a nice family coaster with good terrain usage.
8. Thirteen - this just feels confused. I've never liked this section of the park and Thirteen is very bland until the indoor drop track. Which is actually great, but still.
7. Galactica - every year I ride this I like it less and less. I just think it's not really that comfortable. I wonder if I'm just not a fan of flying coasters?
6. Spinball Whizzer - skipped this last week, not sure I should have. I tend to have a good time on this but the queue is often terrible and it's never really "fit in" at Alton Towers.
5. Rita - I like this more than I used to when I was younger. The launch is great, but the rest of the layout isn't that good. Honestly it's the restraints that kill it. I got a bit of airtime two years ago, a bit less last week though.
4. Oblivion - I tend to go back and forth on this - last week the drop was awesome. Better than Valkyria's.
3. Smiler - it is an absolute marvel with the theme, how they fit the ride in, even the volley of elements. Unfortunately the inversions often blend together, and the fact it's a bit rough does hinder it a bit. Particularly, the second half of the cobra roll. The roughness costs it number two.
2. Wicker Man - not super thrilling and the theme is a bit OTT for it being this way. However it's pretty smooth, looks great, is fast paced, and given time to warm up you'll get a bit of airtime, mostly on the double down towards the end. Just good clean fun - I do wish the airtime was stronger though!
1. Nemesis Reborn - I don't think it's any better than the original, especially as you can't queue for the front anymore, but it's still a ride with a great layout and fast paced intensity. Warmed up towards the later parts of the day as well. The rattle sucks a bit though.