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Pleasurewood Hills new coaster?


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Sorry guys if this is the wrong place or wrong time to post this. But theres rumours that pleasurewood hills are trying to purchase Camelot's whirlwind spinning coaster.

http://www.screamscape.com/html/small_i ... ewoodHills

I'm not quite sure if this is a worthwhile investment. But then again, I guess it will add to pleasurewood hills lack of rides and will surely bring in some more crowds. I mean, when they had magic mouse (reverchon spinning mouse coaster) that was always a big hit.


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Pleasurewood seem to have a lot of space so it would be a nice addition and instantly one of there main rides.


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Its the same layout as Crush's Coaster at DLP so based on that it must be fun ride and would be a good addition to PH.

It would be easy to transport as its a traveling coaster anyway, hope they get it.


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Ooh I do hope this is true as I'm meant to be going to Pleasurewood Hills this year as I've never been before. I've never tried Whirlwind yet, only done Spinball and Fury atm. It will be a great addition to the park aswell as they really do need some more rides.


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Sounds good. Another coaster to PWH will certainly pull me back again :D

Whirlwind I haven't done yet, so should be a great addition.


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It's the same layout as Crush's Coaster at DLP so based on that it must be fun ride and would be a good addition to PH.

Oh, how wrong could one statement be.
For one thing, it isn't actually the same layout, but only based on the SC2000 model layouts. Even if they were the same layouts, the way Disney maintain their rides compared to how Camelot maintained their rides, it may as well be a different layout anyway.
Whirlwind had several spots where you would actually regret having a spine on, whereas Crush's has none.

You've also got to remember that Whirlwind is one of the oldest Maurer Spinning Coaster there is. I think it may even be the prototype version of the ride, and Maurer learnt from this ride about how they could improve their spinning coasters. That's the reason why Whirlwind is A LOT rougher than the other versions.

Is it a good addition for PWH?
If they are trying to gain the award for "Most painful park in Britain" (which they are quickly becoming anyway, with Cannonball getting rougher every year and a Boomerang being added the other year), then yes for me.


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I have also heard this rumour, I heard it was meant to be placed near the back of the park, which end I have no idea, I can see it going where the dinosaur land use to be or somewhere near Wavebreaker a there is alot of space there!

^ Oh and Mike, not Cannonball anymore, Engima now :p


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Knightmare is far too large for PWH. Knightmare is quite large and would be quite costly (Just look at how much it costed Camelot) and trying to get it to PWH would be costly also.

Whirlwind is perfect as it is quite small, can easily be transported and would be moderately cheap.


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Whirlwind's probably the worst coaster in Britain.

If you have rode it, you'll see. I've visited Camelot about 10 times every year since it was installed, but only rode it once to get the credit.

It's rough, tacky, temporary, rusty, just ****.

Awful investment for Pleasurewood. Whirlwind is yet another ride which has had a major part in running Camelot into the ground.

By the time PWH have repainted it, done thorough checks on it, probably a station, the transport costs, plus the high running costs, they'd be better getting a new one from Maurer, honestly.

It would be an absolute crap investment for the park, I presume (One of few British parks I havent visited, believe it or not! :O ).

Actually, considering Camelot according to the website, will hopefully still open for 2009 with a shortened down ride list, while they sell everything, I hope Whirlwind is gone.

Makes the park look more of a crap hole than it already is.


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Sounds like a good move for them if they can pull it off. They need another coaster there because apart from Wipeout the other coasters are pretty poor and the loading on Enigma is very slow when running only one train.

They will need to give the coaster a serious makeover though as it was a complete rust bucket at Camelot.


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Whirlwind must have got really rough over the past couple of years then, I rode it in 2006 and I thought it was an awesome ride.

Hopefully PWH do some work on the track, Whirlwind is a great ride and it's a shame it's got so rough.


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What I don't understand is why can't they invest in something new? They have a good financial backing from a well known company (owners of walibi). Surely getting a brand new compact gerstlauer or even a new mourer sohne spinner wouldn't cost that much. Something along the lines of Rage at southend.

Yeah it will be quite a worthwhile coaster if they can make whirlwind feeling new, which is very slim. Even the log flume is appantely in bits in the car park being refurbed at the moment. Surely all of these refurbs are costing them more money in the long run.

Martyn B

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Boomerang being added the other year),

Hey! Wipeout is getting quite a bit of praise for being one of the better, smoother Boomerangs!

What I don't understand is why can't they invest in something new? They have a good financial backing from a well known company (owners of walibi). Surely getting a brand new compact gerstlauer or even a new mourer sohne spinner wouldn't cost that much. Something along the lines of Rage at southend.

I too am getting annoyed at this, they have the space, and the financial backing to be a MUCH better park.

Like I said in the Camelot topic, the Whirlwind would be a perfect addition to the park IMO. Yes they can afford to go for a new one, but the world as it is right now, getting a new costs alot more, but will do the same for the park as getting the second hand one.

This is honestly, and sensibly, what I would do if I was in charge at PWH:

- Intamin Gyro Swing (Not a portable one.) (Maelstrom, Drayton) on the patch where the Hungry Bears pavillion used to be. They're fantastic rides and it would fill the long walk to lonely area of the park.

- Rapids, dont know the exact manufacturer of them, but you know them rapids that travel with Mellors and the ones that Lightwater are getting. Putting them in the area where the Dinosaur walk through used to be, next to Rattlesnake, give them the nice theme that the rapids at WMSP have.

- Remove the AWFUL Dodgems and put a nice new Ferris Wheel there, oh and put a proper restraunt down there too. These last few things would improve that area of the park SO SO much.

- Spinning Coaster, ie Whirlwind from Camelot to be placed where the Waveswinger is, oh and scrap that as its on its last legs, and has been for a while.

- Sell Fireball (Whizzy Dizzy, no need for it with Gyro Swing) and replace it with an S&S Space Shot (Pleasure Island). Planning shouldn't be an issue as the old "Eye on the Coast" observation Tower used to sit there, and they don't cost much either. Would like it to be a bit taller than PI's though, as that is bloody tiny!

- Bin Thunderstruck and replace with a Mondial Topscan, not a portable one!

- Spend money on sorting Engima out so it can run more than one train, oh and obviously somehow try and get the other trains back. Its a great little coaster and I'd like to see it being used properly.

- And lastly, a Euro-Fighter on the scale of Rage to sit where the old 3D Cinema used ot be.

All these additions to be added over a few years would make the park so much more enjoyable, and they wouldn't cost too much either.

Going back to Whirlwind, I suppose the park are possibily thinking of getting it because its up for sale? But IMO they shouldn't need to wait for rides to sold, they have the money to get them new, which just frustrates me.


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Martyn, please get the message that small parks like Pleasurewood Hills are aimed mainly at families with a SMALL selection of thrill rides.

You want a Euro Fighter, Gyro Swing, Top Scan, spinning coaster and a Drop Tower? Jesus.


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I dont know, i think the rides martyn have said are possible. If they keep the more family orientated rides aswell, they would make good additions.

As for Whirlwind, i think this would be a great move in the right direction. They have got Wipout, they now need a similar scale coaster to help with the distribution of the queues.
Wipout could help with that.

Even if PWH has the same owners as Walibi etc, doesnt mean they have all that money to spend on one park. It all depends on the size and reputation of the park. PWH isnt the best know park in the uk so they will not spend massive amounts of cash on the place. Walibi on the other hand is a major player in the Belgium and Dutch market so more money will go there.