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Photos from abandoned theme parks


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^I always thought Aska looked like a really interesting Intamin ride! Too bad it's just sitting there rotting...


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I passed by what used to be Katoli's World earlier today. The park closed due to the great earthquake of September 1999 and sat abandoned for around a decade. It was completely removed around 2010 and this was the only little bit that reminds there used to be an amusement park there.



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RIP my childhood, easily the saddest thing since the closure was so sudden. It’s still there, and according to my family back home, it’s an eyesore that nobody wants to talk about



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A sad shot of Tornado one of the very few Pinfari Z78s ever built. Which is sat at the abandoned Parque Grano de Oro in Venezuela.

It seems only 2 of these were ever built and its possible this is the same ride that was once at Dorney Park as the Flying Dutchman. However that's going to be really hard to prove :s



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"This is like Six Flags" ... "yeah, but in better condition"

Interesting urbex type thingy from big Chinese park that never opened (at least, not yet). Lots of basically complete stuff, just sitting there all overgrown and unused. Weird. Good video, watch to the end as they just brazenly walk out the main entrance :)

Its this place ; https://rcdb.com/10368.htm which was scheduled to open 2013/14 but never made it - some sort of 'illegal land use' scandal according to the comments on YT.