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Park - Deciduous Harder


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To celebrate six weeks since I last posted, I decided to do some more work in PlanetCoaster. I was not distracted by the set of three career maps they released with the Summer update.

I'm inspired by Alton Towers when it comes to design. Part of that is using flatrides to enhance the nearby coaster. The flat rides can add pretty scenery (Oblivion's Enterprise) or add to the aesthetic of the area (Nemesis' shrapnel family). Originally, I used the Kraken tentacles. However, we cannot change their colours. This meant the aesthetic looked weird. There were also clipping issues.

My game crashed and undid any waterfalls I built. I had to build them again. After being inspired by a guy on Youtube, my new waterfall looked awesome, except for the second one. After thinking for some time, I saw an opportunity. I decided to make the pathway over the ravine into more of a bridge, and I used that architecture to make the second waterfall into a weir. It worked out nicely. The bridge also serves as a transition into zones. Looking at this screenshot, I might lose that archway. It's a bit out of place.

I wanted a Manta effect. The in game tools don't work for this situation. So, it's just a nice ornamental pond.

More trees and shrubs.