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Oldest coasters you've ridden


Mega Poster
Thunder Hawk (Dorney) - 1923
Comet (Hershey) -1946

The Trail Blazer - 1974
Whizzer (SFGA) - 1976
Sooper Dooper Looper (Hershey) - 1977

By the way SFGA is Six Flags Great America not Adventure

I haven't been on enough coasters to give a huge list, but i think these are the oldest.


Roller Poster
Big Dipper, Blackpool, 1923
Racer, Kennywood, 1927
Six Flags New England,Thunderbolt, 1941
Hersheypark, Comet, 1946
it's for me


Roller Poster
1950 - Tyrolean Tubtwist, Great Yarmouth Joyland
1958 - Wild Mouse, Blackpool

Also, I've been at thoose

Youngster Joey

Strata Poster
Jack Rabbit Seabreeze 1920

If all goes to plan this summer will also add

Leap the Dips 1902
Jack Rabbit (kennywood) 1920
Thunderbolt Kennywood 1924
Racer 1927 Kennywood

Also, didn't I post a thread like this earlier?


Giga Poster
Just picked up a new oldest coaster this week. Thunderhawk at Dorney, all the way back from 1923.