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Oldest coasters you've ridden


Hyper Poster
Top 10 oldest:

1. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood, 1920 - Thought it was a fun ride, but unfortunately due to assigned seating I didn't get a chance to experience the ride in the back and the drop at its best.

2. Roller Coaster, Lagoon, 1921 - Was surprisingly very smooth, but the ride did nothing special and was overall very boring.

3. Thunderhawk, Dorney Park, 1923 - Just simply a rough, slow, boring, crappy ride, but I rode in the back (hoping for air time... ha) and I've been told that the front is much better.

4. Thunderbolt, Kennywood, 1924 - Loved it! Just a fun ride with some good, decently sized drops.

5. Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 1924 - A very fun ride, I loved the pre-lift tunnel and the rest of the ride is pretty smooth and provides some nice little pops of air.

6. Giant Dipper, Belmont Park, 1927 - Don't care much for this one... San Diego’s version just doesn’t really do anything.

7. Wildcat, Lake Compounce, 1927 - Terrible ride, very rough and uninteresting.

8. Racer, Kennywood, 1927 - Fun little ride, but doesn’t do much and isn’t something I need to get right back on.

9. Thunderbolt, Six Flags New England, 1941 - Not a very memorable coaster... I can’t think of anything good to say about it, but I don’t remember anything necessarily bad either, so just a average ride I guess.

10. Comet, Hersheypark, 1946 - A smooth, fun, quirky ride, but I was disappointed to not find any air time when I had heard people raving all about it.


Strata Poster
The oldest I've ridden originally opened in 1925, then has been rebuilt a few times because someone keeps parking themselves for the night beneath the wooden structure with a campfire..


Matt SR
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That's quite the collection rollermonkey! My list has a couple 20s, but quickly jumps to the 40s and 50s, which are totally lame.


CF Legend
Rutschebanen at Tivoli Gardens is the oldest I've been on, 1915. I love the old woodies, so much air and they feel so rickety and dangerous <3


Strata Poster
Big Dipper, PBB - 1923
Roller Coaster, Great Yarmouth - 1932
Roller Coaster, PBB - 1933
Zipper Dipper, PBB - 1934
Grand National, PBB - 1935

Gold Rusher, SFMM - 1971
Dongo's Race, Plopsaland - 1976
Steeplechase, PBB - 1977
Irn Bru Revolution, PBB - 1979

LOL at having a Tivoli as my 2nd oldest steel! haha


Hyper Poster
1911 - Figure 8 Rollercoaster at Wonderland in Cleethorpes
1922 - Virginia Reel, Blackpool
1923 - Big Dipper, Blackpool
1932 - Rollercoaster, Great Yarmouth
1933 - Zipper Dipper, Blackpool
1934 - Rollercoaster, Blackpool
1935 - Grand National, Blackpool
1937 - Cyclone, Southport
1950 - Tyrolean Tubtwist, Great Yarmouth Joyland
1958 - Wild Mouse, Blackpool

1950 - Snails, Great Yarmouth Joyland
1974 - Cyclone at Blackpool
1975 - Little Dipper on Cleethorpes Beach
1977 - Steeplechase Blackpool
1978 - Wildcat southport
1979 - Revolution Blackpool
1980 - Corkscrew Alton Towers

RCDB has Storm at Bottons Pleasure Beach opening in 1989 but I'm pretty sure there was some sort of Pinfari up there before that. On the roof where Rockin Roller is now.


Giga Poster
The absolutely oldest coasters I've ridden have to be the namesakes Rutschebanen at Tivoli Gardens (1915) and Bakken (1932). Both of them are great fun but they really can't compare to modern coasters in terms of thrills..


Giga Poster
My oldest wood is Big Dipper at PBB, which opened in 1923. Thought it was alright, nothing amazing, but it wasn't rough.

My oldest steel is Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland CA, which opened in 1959. Really liked it, thought it was great and very smooth for it's age. My second ride on it at night was brilliant, as we came out of the mountain as the fireworks were going off, it was a really surreal experience.


Strata Poster
I love a good old woodie - (fnarr fnarr!)

my oldies are (used 1980 as the cutoff year)


Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens, Wood, 1915 -
Scenic Railway dreamland 7/3/1920
Rutschebanen, bakken, Wood, 1932 -
roller coaster - great yarmouth PB - 1932
Tubs - joyland 1950
Water chute - great yarmouth PB - 1972

snails - joyland - 1948
Montaña Rusa - tibidabo - 1961
Space mountain - disney world - 1975
python - busch tampa - 1976

Montaña Suiza - monte igueldo - 1928

blackpool rides
Big Dipper Wood Sit Down 7/1923 Operating
roller coaster Wood Sit Down 1933 Operating
Zipper Dipper Wood Sit Down 1934 Operating
Grand National Wood Sit Down 1935 Operating
Wild Mouse Wood Sit Down 1958 Operating

Steeplechase Steel Sit Down 1977 Operating
Revolution Steel Sit Down 1979 Operating


Giga Poster
For me I'm pretty sure its Giant Dipper (1924) at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I really love the tunnel at the beginning. Honestly I think it always disorients me, lol. My oldest steel as for as I know is Matterhorn Bobsleds (1959) at Disneyland. A classic but by no means smooth or very thrilling. Great theming as always with Disney...

Edit: Also would like to add Corkscrew (1975) to my oldest coasters. It was the first modern-day inverting coaster. Also, along that line of thought I have also ridden Revolution (1976) at SFMM.


Mega Poster
Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens, 1915
(be prepared for Blackpool!)
Big Dipper, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1923
Roller Coaster, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1933
Zipper Dipper, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1934
Grand National, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1935
Wild Mouse, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1958
Steeplechase, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, 1977
(moving away from Blackpool...)
Corkscrew, Alton Towers, 1980
I think that pretty much covers my 80's & below.
I know there is a **** of a lot from Blackpool!


Strata Poster
My oldest I can find is Comet at Waldameer, 1951.

I think I might have the newest oldest...


Hyper Poster
I m not a big fan of wooden coasters so that kinda limits me to steel coasters
The oldest steel I ve ridden is Matterhorn bobsleds (1959)
The oldest wooden I've ridden is the sliver comet (1961)