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to @peep and @Scott Lannigan coming from a big sci fi fan but very much not a horror fan should i take a shot at Nope?
Bearing in mind ive not seen his other 2 films because they didnt appeal to me but this one at least got my attention with the trailer.


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@roomraider Not sure I can recommend 100%, if you do end up seeing it I'd like to know your thoughts.

I seen a few films recently. Last weekend I started with RRR a big Bollywood movie that I have seen so much buzz for online. I missed the original UK release so caught it at The Prince Charles Cinema. It was a small but packed screening and it was at that perfect level of atmosphere where audience reactions to the film heightened the whole experience. The film is absurd in the best way possible, the lead actors are great, a lot of the vfx and action is fantastic and the main musical number was excellent fun. I actually loved it, a little long and tedious in places but the big set pieces more than make up for it. It's also really funny and I'm still not sure if intentional or not. If you can, I highly recommend seeing this with a good crowd.

Three thousand years of longing - I was intrigued by this film, great cast and director but I knew very little going in. It's ok. Some of the visuals are amazing and the banter between the two leads is captivating and fun. It does get a bit tiresome at times though, like I wanted it to go somewhere and do something interesting but it just started to plod along.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (extended edition) - Still absolutely love this film and the additional material was good fun (didn't seem like much more of the trio together which is what I thought they pitched this re-release as?) - also the after credit scene was a new long amusing scene. Actually most of the additional material was to do with the school news team, I quite liked it as I've found that side of this trilogy quite amusing. I also had to see this in 4DX because for some reason the re-release was only in non-standard formats. The motion was maybe a little too intense at times, regret having lunch just before the film.

See how they run - I was looking forward to this, a murder mystery with a great cast - sign me right up! I don't think I quite pieced together from the marketing how much this was going to be based around the play of the Mousetrap (a show I really should have seen by now). It's a fun film which is very silly and makes fun at times of the detective thriller genre stereotypes. I don't think it fully works, it spends a lot of time trying to be amusing but then has to spend long periods being serious to get the plot moving along. It's still fun and I enjoyed it but I feel it could have been better.


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Don't worry Darling - This is ok, I love the art deco World with a sense that something unusual is going on. The third act is ok, it's a decent twist but maybe rushes it a little. Harry Styles isn't a good actor, which in a film full of great actors really stands out.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris - I loved this, it's so sweet and wholesome with a wonderful cast. There were whole scenes where I just smiled, delightful.


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Just saw All Quiet On The Western Front in its limited cinema run before it's on Netflix on the 28th.

If you get the chance to see it in the big screen then do so. It's brilliantly shot and cinematically gorgeous but good lord is it brutal.

There's a battle scene in there that makes the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan look like a nice day out on the beach.


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The Woman King - Really enjoyed this film, the cast are phenomenal and while the story isn't very accurate it's engaging and the 2hr+ runtime flew by.

The Lost King - This was a nice film, Sally Hawkins is great in the lead role

Emily - I found vast amounts of this to be dull and I kept wanting it to move along.

Amsterdam - This film is a bit bonkers and crams in a lot of characters and plotlines. On the whole I enjoyed it a lot, I found the main characters to be really interesting and I always wanted to see what they got up to next.

Black Adam - This is very meh, there are some portions of it I really liked but the only character that gets a lot of background is Black Adam and even that is a bit messy. I quite liked Pierce Brosnan in this, but I wasn't overly keen on any of the other superhero characters. This might be the most disappointing Dwayne Johnson project in a while.

The Banshees of Inisherin - I love Martin McDonagh, In Bruge is one of my favourite films, so I was excited to see this. I think this works for some people more than others and unfortunately it doesn't really work for me, maybe some of it's concepts are beyond me. There are parts that are very amusing and some shocking moments too but I found far too much of it plodded along at a pace that I wasn't really in the mood for.


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Triangle of Sadness - I saw a lot of hype coming out of LFF so I was quite intrigued by this film. The pacing of it is a little weird and I wasn't that happy with the ending but it's a fun journey with some small key moments that make the whole film worthwhile. I was also glad to watch it with an audience as it was fun to see how other people react to certain sequences.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever - This was ok, they dealt with the loss of Chadwick Boseman really well and the tribute to him is quite touching. The Talocan (couldn't stop thinking about Phantasialand every time this was said!) location was really interesting and the design of the sets and costumes throughout were really good. The film packs in a lot in its super long run time and it can feel a bit sluggish at times despite the sheer amount of things that happen. It'll be interesting to see where they take Wakanda/Talocan next but I can't say I'll be re-watching it any time soon. NOTE: There is a mid-credit scene but nothing at the very end.


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It's been a busy week at the cinema!

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery - Amazing follow up to Knives Out, the opening sequence alone put a smile on my face and it just continued to be a really fun time throughout. Highly recommend seeing it at the cinema but I think you have like 2 days so umm, be quick!

Armageddon Time - Didn't know much about this going in, it's an interesting coming of age story about a boy making some pretty awful decisions and learning some hard truths. Overall it plods along too much for my taste and the title graphic feels like it's from a different film - and they were so confident with that design they used it at the end of the film too, weird choice. However there was one scene dealing with an elderly character towards the end of their life in hospital and it hit me like a tonne of bricks as it felt so reminiscent of when I last saw my Nan a few years ago - that's a new reaction for me, felt all to real.

Confess, Fletch - I heard about this a while ago, seemed like a bit of a passion project from Jon Hamm and the director. It's fun, not essential watch at the cinema kinda film but I enjoyed it.

The Menu - I was looking forward to this and it was pretty much what I was expecting albeit with a few interesting twists (although I think the trailer gives maybe too much away). It's really interesting how we have so many films in the past month about how awful rich people are and how they treat others (Triangle of Sadness, Glass Onion, The Menu and also White Lotus on TV), certainly a big trend, I wonder if it'll continue. I think this film delivers where Triangle of Sadness didn't, in that it feels more complete and doesn't sit around for too long, I appreciate that.

Strange World - The last time Disney animation made a film about explorers it was loved by those who saw it and bombed at the box office - guess what - this film is enjoyed by those who actually watch it and it has bombed at the box office. I really liked a lot of the creative design choices made in this film and the CG details are incredible, they are really pushing the boat out with their fx sims. I thought the characters were all well rounded and enjoyable and I'm a sucker for adventurer films so this was my cup of tea.

Matilda The Musical - I enjoy the stage production of this but one thing that always bothered me was that despite how amazingly talented the cast were that Tim Minchin's lyrics can sound quite muddled. The film mostly fixes this but there are still times where it feels like no one can sing them without it sounding this way. One of the best things about the stage show is also the set design and choreography, unfortunately it feels like a lot of this gets missed in the translation to screen as it's just a much bigger canvas - moments that are great on stage feel like they don't really exist in the film. Despite this there are some great changes, the side plot about the escapologist and acrobat is great to see fleshed out in this way and the cake eating sequence is great. I think this is the best adaptation of the stage show you could ever hope for and the kids in it are amazingly talented. Also wild to see Lashana Lynch go from The Woman King to this, the range!

Bones and all - I thought this looked like an interesting concept but wow this was dull, it was like watching paint dry and then occasionally an interesting scene that lasts 5 minutes pops up. Tedious film.

She Said - This was ok, a bit of a by-the-numbers journalist tale behind the article that helped take down Harvey Weinstein. Maybe the story is just too fresh for it to be massively interesting, we all know the outcome of the story and watching a couple of journalists just doing their job maybe isn't the most interesting thing in the World.


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Brazil (1985)

I absolutely loved this. Dark, hilarious, absurd... and aesthetically gorgeous? I don't think I've seen any other film with such attention to detail. It’s very well crafted.

It doesn't seem to get a mention that often anywhere, but really worth checking out. Currently available on Amazon Prime.

Also, definitely one of my favourite Robert De Niro roles :D


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What do you get if you take the basic formula of Die Hard, and then swap the John McClane character for... wait for it... Father Christmas? Yes... the actual Father Christmas?
Violent Night, that's what, and it's an absolute riot! 😁
In a stroke of casting genius, David Harbour - he of Stranger Things fame - is Santa Clause, and he's in town with his trusty reindeer to kick some terrorist ass on Christmas Eve.
Sounds silly, and of course it is, it totally is, but it's the best slice of gory entertainment I've seen in ages.

Forget James Cameron and his space smurfs, this is the only film you need this Christmas.
Loved it. 😁

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Black Panther - Wakanda Forever:

Had my hopes set low for this one and didn't expect too much (considering that the majority of Marvel's phase 4 has been a pretty big flop) however I walked out pretty satisfied. Yes, it wasn't as good as the first and I think think most people would expect that considering there has been a major loss however the film deals with Chadwick's death really well.
Love how they didn't try to make up some lame story to explain why he wasn't in the film anymore. Just straight to the point, showing that he had an illness and it couldn't be cured. Think it was the most respectful way to do it.

The story itself was pretty average and followed the usual Marvel formula but I can say it was probably one of the better films of this phase (which isn't much of a challenge) I really hope however that Marvel focuses on better story telling and, for the love of god, better CGI, in their next phase as this one has just felt so rushed.


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More high praise for Violent Night from me! It's like a wonderfully gory love letter to Christmas films. The Home Alone inspired sequence is easily my favourite scene and the reactions from the audience are why I love going to the cinema. Just a great fun film that knows exactly what it is, perfect entertainment.