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New rides @ small parks


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Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art will be getting a P’Sghetti coaster as part of an art installation. Ride will open to the public on the 30th of this month. (Not a joke)

Wow, throwing a coaster up in under a month. Trust Skyline to get it done I guess.

EDIT: One rider per hour. Jesus Christ.
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Wow, throwing a coaster up in under a month. Trust Skyline to get it done I guess.

EDIT: One rider per hour. Jesus Christ.
The museum's location is in a very isolated small town about 80 miles north of Six Flags New England, so it probably doesn't get much more than a few visitors a hour. Not sure how many enthusiasts would be willing to make the trek for the cred with that type of limitation, especially with so many other creds located in the opposite direction.


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If it's a credit, then someone will try to get it.

I can almost see people or groups attempting to pull strings with the museum. If demand is strong there's no telling just how strict they'll be with the single rider per hour limitation.


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With the wood supports I do wonder how much these new Skyline coasters cost.

The wood supports are just part of the ride in the museum; a normal kiddie coaster would have regular steel supports.



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Possible new coaster for Santa's village azooment park in Dundee, IL
Apparently the park referenced this coaster in a Facebook video, but posting it here just in case it actually is something new instead of a renamed ride
According to Carnival Warehouse this will be a brand new spinning coaster from SBF Visa.


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Rasti-Land a family park in Germany is getting a new coaster for its 50th anniversary in 2023.

While anouther family boomerang its a new model from SBF being their first shuttle coaster. The coaster is 170M in length and 12M in height.


The trains will tractor themed


I wonder while still a budget manufacturer who's coasters are just fine or bad i hope they do a Vekoma and become better over time, this coaster along with the new one going to Skyline Park do look better than what they normally do.