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Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast v. Sky Rocket 2 Model (Tempesto)


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I think both of these coasters are excellent launch coasters. Premier rides did a great job with both. My question to you is which coaster do you prefer. I would have to give the edge to Mr Freeze because of the intense backward launch and i cant get enough of that inverted top hat.


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You mean one of these?

Pahahah, nope. Mr Freeze all the way.


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Mr. Freeze, 1000% Mr Freeze. :D
I mean, Sky Rockets are pretty cool (even if I think that they are being built too often right now), but nothing compared to the intensity and uniqueness of Mr. Freeze.

Edward M

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Freeze is one of the best shuttle coasters out there while Sky rockets are solid replacements for boomerangs. Plus, do Sky rockets have a top hat AND spike that you take forwards and backwards? No, no they do not.


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I've only ridden the Mr. Freezes in the forward incarnations, but I'd still put them over the Sky Rocket II model by a considerable margin. SUF at SFDK, while at least mildly entertaining, really didn't do a whole lot for me.