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No, they split a few years ago into 'Jora Vision' and 'Jora Entertainment', and then Jora Entertainment went under, becoming 'Leisure Expert Group'. Most of their senior staff stayed the same.
Ah right. Thanks @Lofty! Didn't Jora Vision go bankrupt a couple of years ago?


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After Mystery River last year; Movie Park has announced their other major water ride is now being refurbished for this season!

The park is already opening in May a new mini Paw Patrol themed area 'Adventure Bay' in their Nick Land, and a new Loony Tunes 4D film is being added this year.
However they have just revealed on their social media sites that their popular Bermuda Triangle dark water ride where guests enter a volcano and all sorts of weird alien **** is inside is being renovated and renamed. This summer guests can travel back to the 1950s and experience "Area 51 - Top Secret".


As part of our long-term quality strategy, Movie Park Germany has exciting new items in its luggage. In the summer, a classic shines in new splendour: the water attraction "Bermuda Triangle" is re-themed. The popular ride, which is unique in Europe with its dimensions and mix of darkride and waterway, is embroiled in a new story around the mysterious Area 51 on Groom Lake in the Nevada desert. "The water attraction is one of the oldest rides in the park and at the same time the most popular. Many of our long-standing visitors have also wished for a new edition. Just in time for the hot summer, we will offer our guests the right refreshment with 'Area 51 - Top Secret', "says Manuel Prossotowicz (Director Marketing & Sales) with a wink.
Visitors can look forward to a musical identity specially composed by IMAscore as well as numerous effects. Idea and concept come from the own creative department of the Movie Park Germany, which developed these in close co-operation with the team of IMAmedia. Thematically it goes back to the 50s. The military area around the Area 51 is a big secret to the population, rumors about supernatural life forms at Groom Lake are loud. To increase transparency, the US government invites the public to an open house on the military base. How much truth is behind the rumors and what secrets of Groom Lake otherwise holds, visitors can find out on the mysterious journey itself. Until June, the attraction will be closed due to the costly renovations and refurbishments. The opening is planned before the summer holidays.

Source Press Release


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I hope they do keep the WTF factor for it, and just polish it up a bit so it feels a bit less tired. It just needs some love, rather than a complete overhaul!

I'm glad they are refurbing it though, after hearing some rumours it might be on its way out!


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The old Ice Age dark ride which has been SBNO since 2016 is being finally removed. Company
BST Becker Sanierungstechnik GmbH posted on their website that since November they have been working to entirely rip out the interior of the showbuilding - but the building will remain standing. After fans picked up on this the post has been since removed.


Could possibly a sign that a new 2021 attraction is on its way? Will be interesting to see whether they stick with a family dark ride or do something different with the building.


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In their press release for the 2020 season MPG announced that their new for last year Paw Patrol area will be expanded with another flat ride and that their SLC MP Express will be rethemed to "Lucky Luke - The Ride: The Daltons Break Out".
The park's Western theme area will also be given significant reinforcements this year. Because the man who moves faster than his shadow opens his new home in Germany's largest film and leisure park! "With 'Lucky Luke - The Ride: The Daltons Break Out' we have won a strong family license and will redesign the 'MPXpress' with a new storyline around the famous comic and film character Lucky Luke and give it a fresh coat of paint," says Marketing Manager Manuel Prossotowicz. "With this, we can not only finally bring our Western-themed area together, but at the same time add a very popular figure that is known across all generations across Europe." But what would Lucky Luke be without his well-known opponents, the Daltons? Once again, he has his hands full with convict brothers Joe, William, Jack and Averell. The Daltons broke out of prison again and fled by train. The next car is already ready and now the help of the visitors is asked: Will they catch the Daltons again? The attraction is scheduled to reopen in the summer.

The park will also be opening a new interactive laser walkthrough attraction in Studio 7 (former home of their Walking Dead Breakout Maze) during the season.
In a total of six different scenes, the guests, equipped with laser weapons, slip into the role of ghost hunters to finally free the mysterious city of St. Elmo and its saloon from its evil forces after 140 years and get to the bottom of the mysterious history of the place.

A Dunkin Donuts food outlet will also be added to the park. The toilets across the park are to be renovated and themed throughout the year; and more shade added to queue lines with Nick Land taking priority. Plus another 150 metres of Bandit are being retracked. bringing the total up to 3/4 of the ride have worked on over recent years.

And to finish they tease the major addition for 2021 (presumably in the old Ice Age showbuilding).
Visitors can look forward to even more Hollywood in Germany in 2021: the location and schedule for a new film-ready family adventure have already been determined and Movie Park Germany is working on a suitable, large birthday present for its 25th anniversary.
More information will follow shortly.


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their SLC MP Express will be rethemed to "Lucky Luke - The Ride: The Daltons Break Out".
That thing needs retheming to a pile of scrap metal really.

Still, at least they are doing something with it, it's really weird at the moment how the whole park is really nicely themed and laid out, then there is this completely unthemed SLC out on its own at the edge of the park.