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Movie Park Germany have shared this picture of work underway to transform Mystery River.

There will also be new street entertainment and a new jet ski stunt show this year as revealed in this article:

From the adventurous search for Excalibur to a surprising meeting with Marilyn Monroe

(Bottrop-Kirchhellen, March 15, 2018) When the red carpet for Marilyn Monroe is rolled out and professional stuntmen with jet skis give a spectacular at the Santa Monica Pier, Movie Park Germany has opened its doors for season 2018. "There's more Hollywood going on -flair blowing through our streets ", manager Thorsten Backhaus rejoices. A new attraction, more street entertainment, new shows and a new Visitor Welcome Center located directly at the entrance in the style of a Hollywood Grand Hotel awaits the visitors of Germany's largest film and amusement park this year.

In the context of its long-term quality offensive, Movie Park Germany has many exciting innovations in store. "This year we devote ourselves to the new theming of one of the oldest and at the same time most popular attractions in our park. With King Arthur, Merlin and Excalibur we create a completely new and magical world for our visitors. A world that will be somewhat familiar to many people, because this theme has been filmed numerous times, "explains Thorsten Backhaus. Water attraction "Mystery River" will become "Excalibur - Secrets of the Dark Forest" during the course of this season. Enchanted forests, dark caves, sea monsters and an exhilarating search for the missing sword Excalibur await the visitors. "After opening a unique roller coaster worldwide with" Star Trek ™: Operation Enterprise "last year, we are dedicating ourselves to this veteran in our park this year and we are giving the attraction a new lease of life," says the manager. A long-cherished wish of the park and also a great wish of the visitors. "We are planning to open the new attraction in the course of the spring."

Although the building is still busy, the first visitors to the park will be welcomed in the brand new Visitor Welcome Center on 23 March. "Various service components, such as the Ticket Service Center or customer service that were previously divided over the park, are now centrally located in one place", Thorsten Backhaus describes. "In this new, barrier-free building visitors can submit their questions and requests to us. Here you can also get all other products such as the season pass, the Speedy Pass, the Welcome Back Ticket or the All-Inclusive Ticket - which is now also available for individual day visitors, "he says enthusiastically about the improvements on service quality. "Of course we also attach great value to appropriate theming. Therefore, visitors are now received at a Hollywood Grand Hotel Lobby in thirties style. Our strong urge for authenticity also applies here: exclusive Art Deco carpets from the United Kingdom, floor coverings and fabrics from the luxury brand JAB ANSTOETZ, specially made for Art Deco outdoor lamps in the USA and of course an original interior with antique furniture from different European countries . "

Not only in the Visitor Welcome Center, Movie Park Germany lives up to its tagline "Hollywood in Germany", but also at the new shows and the re-worked Street Entertainment. "We are expanding our show share in the park and have chosen a fresh and yet proven approach," describes Thorsten Backhaus. "In the future, Hollywood lookalikes such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis or the Blues Brothers will once again travel through the park and entertain our visitors with small street performances." This decentralized approach means that there are many more in the streets and there are significantly more contact moments and surprises. for the visitors. "Who is counting on Marilyn Monroe driving through the park in a limousine and getting off to quickly get another cup of coffee for the next film shoot", the manager tells with a wink. And if you still can not get enough of unusual show contributions, you should enjoy the view on the Santa Monica Pier in the spring. "Here we try something completely new that no one has counted on: the stunt team, which also provides our explosive Stunt Show with breathtaking car stunts and flaming pyrotechnics, gives a new show with jet skis. This is a relatively small water surface, and that is why it is an unusual idea. We are very excited to be able to offer our guests this entertainment, "says Thorsten Backhaus. Finally, the dance and singing show at the central New York Plaza Bühne will also be renewed with a new theme.

On special days throughout the year visitors can look forward to premieres in Movie Park Germany in addition to the well-known events. "This season we are organizing a Cosplay Day for the first time. We have managed to find more than 150 well-known Cosplayers to show their amazingly detailed and valuable costumes to our guests ", he describes the action that takes place on June 23rd and which also hosts costume competitions and workshops. "These kinds of ideas fit perfectly with us as Germany's largest film and amusement park. In addition, there is also an XXL Tuberday where numerous YouTube stars meet their fans and the Pyro Games, a fireworks duel of the outdoor category. "The US Car Show will be expanded even to two days this year due to its popularity", says the manager.

And then another event: "This year we are celebrating our 20-year anniversary with our popular Halloween Horror Fest. This is where our visitors can expect numerous highlights to celebrate. "Last year Movie Park Germany already had the most successful edition of Halloween Horror Fest of all time and with that the best October month since 16 years. "Our goal is to see a repeat of this success in our anniversary year", Thorsten Backhaus indicates.



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From the main entrance square way into the new Guest Service Centre.

The Spongebob Wild Mouse has been repainted. The Backguardians coaster and Dora Flume in Nick Land have also been repainted.

No changes to the Bermuda Triangle volcano exterior, it continues to mould...

The old now removed Mystery River figures.

Work to theme the boats hasn't started yet. They are currently stored behind the Stunt Show.

Sitting outside the back of Mystery River are these packed and wrapped up (presumably new) theming pieces.

Source: JoelA34 CoasterFriends.de


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You know what I'll give them credit. They're at least trying to turn the park around, but they still have a ton of work to do if they want it to not look run down.


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From this fan interview with the park today, they revealed have finished the first third of their work programme. The project has been delayed by bad weather meaning they won't get it finished for the end of April as hoped.
The video confirmed that the new ride will have a preshow made by IMAMedia. The show is being filmed this weekend.

Screenshots from the video.

The video also shows the various changes and improvements that have been made around the park.
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The cable ties tell me that they tried it once, and it fell out, so they refined the process and tied it in better! Also means that they did this more than once :p


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Movie Park Germany have announced that Excalibur will soft open for Annual Pass holders only this Friday at 2pm until Sunday. The ride then presumably will be open to the public from Monday 7th May.
From the MPG Annual Pass Newsletter/CoasterFriends.de.


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They mention that there are a lot of new effects and that you get even wetter than before. I am still skeptical, a lot of the theming looks cheap. Anyway... I already got my tickets and I will give it a try.


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Glad to see (as far as I can tell, I can't speak German) that they enjoyed the new theme considering they had already changed their fan club name in advance. Looks nice, hope that new theme hasn't given it a more generic feel. It was a charming ride in its previous state.


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Looks much improved overall, especially since the awful corridors have been themed!

I'm howling at the sign reveal!!