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Luna Park (NYC) 2022 Expansion


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The groundbreaking ceremony has finally taken place a few days ago on the 5/10/21, the new area is expected to be ready for the public in 2022:


Some concept art of what the new area will look like:





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Lori Marie Loud

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We appear to have ourselves a name for the coaster alongside a train reveal - Tony's Express.
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The coaster will be named after Antonio Zamperla, it seems. Not unlike Fun Spot Atlanta's upcoming ArieForce One being named after John Arie, or Europa Park famously putting in an animatronic of Roland Mack on the rebuilt Pirates of Batavia last year.
I've said it before, I'll say it again:

Damn narcisisim.


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Mmmm, Luna Park is making want to come back if I go to NYC this summer. Tony's Express looks like a really fun coaster (plus im a sucker for boardwalk log flumes)


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The new flume Leti's Treasure has been testing, they show it in Zamperla's new promotional video for the Wave Flumez.

And from this video back in October it was testing with people, so it should be good to go from the start of the season.