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Luna Park (NYC) 2022 Expansion


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I'm trying to work out the kind of coaster that that is... is it a Chance Rides family coaster similar to the one going to American Dream?


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Looks like construction might be starting up soon





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For some reason I hadn't seen the coaster/log flume graphic. Love how they've echoed the classic water chute design.

Matt N

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In fairness, that’s a true statement, isn’t it?

Something that’s easy for us enthusiasts to forget is that it takes bravery to ride some rides; some people are genuinely scared by them!

Admittedly, the Luna Park expansion thread seems like an interesting place to express such sentiment, especially when the last post was 4 months ago, but maybe this new member is just a little lost, and needs some guidance to a thread where that sentiment might be more relevant?

It doesn’t look like a fake account; their favourite coaster is listed as Tatsu and their favourite park is listed as Cedar Point. Welcome aboard @CarolynSharp!


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I will be watching, but doing nothing quite yet. But let's just say that CarolynSharp better start posting on-topic messages in other, active threads sooner rather than later.
Crap just went from 0 to 100 real goddamn quick with this one. If only the Luna Park 2020 2022 expansion and new coaster could and would move as quickly.