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LEGOLAND California | LEGO Galaxy | launched indoor coaster, Huss Airboat | 2025

Lukas D

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LEGOLAND's 2025 project (first posted here) will be a LEGO Galaxy-themed land featuring a launched indoor coaster, a Huss Airboat flat ride and playscapes as reported by Parkfans and Screamscape.

The new land will replace the current driving school and junior driving school at LEGOLAND California. These two attractions will be relocated to the site currently occupied by the Funtown Fire Academy.

The coaster will be situated in a more than 30,000 sq ft large and over 40-feet tall show building and is confirmed to be launched.

According to Parkfans, the project was scheduled to open in March 2025, but may open later that year due to the ongoing planning and approval process.

The site plan was initially leaked by Parkfans.

Several pieces of concept art were published by the San Diego Union-Tribune today.

Parkfans reporting
The San Diego Union-Tribune article
Screamscape reporting


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This actually sounds awesome - it would be a great addition at Legoland Windsor too - all weather and indoor to keep the noise to a minimum.
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