launch coaster

  1. Lukas D

    LEGOLAND California | LEGO Galaxy | launched indoor coaster, Huss Airboat | 2025

    LEGOLAND's 2025 project (first posted here) will be a LEGO Galaxy-themed land featuring a launched indoor coaster, a Huss Airboat flat ride and playscapes as reported by Parkfans and Screamscape. The new land will replace the current driving school and junior driving school at LEGOLAND...
  2. Matt N

    Mack Rides Launch Coaster or Intamin Blitz Coaster?

    Hi guys. The multi-launch coaster is becoming an increasingly popular genre of roller coaster, and two of the main players in this market are Mack Rides and Intamin. Mack Rides’ Launch Coaster and Intamin’s Blitz Coaster are two models that are frequently compared to one another; they have many...
  3. Matt N

    California's Great America building Mack launch coaster in 2023 or 2024?

    Hi guys. According to Screamscape, California's Great America could be starting to plan their next roller coaster, and it would appear that their plans have changed somewhat since the last rumour based on what Lance has posted. Here's what he had to say: Also, the planned hyper coaster was...