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"Terribly sorry old sport, we couldn't complete the planning application due to running a fair, open, competitive, and lucrative application process for new executives. We promise we'll get it done by next deadline"

A manager a work originally comes from near this peninsula and thinks it's a stupid idea. It's not a nice area and they're going to have to do a lot of traffic management to cope with any extra vehicles.


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Can we have a whip round and buy the land before they get chance to? I've got 9 quid and some coppers to get us started


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You've got to feel for the local businesses who are impacted by the uncertainty* of all this - the meeting that was supposed to happen around now (today?) was intended to end the uncertainty* one way or the other, bringing forward the review of the application as it stands and make a decision so that everybody can get on with their lives. This move to withdraw and resubmit appears to be intended to draw things out for longer and prolong the uncertainty*.

* Yes I can hear you saying "what uncertainty - NEEEVER GOOONNA HAPPEN", but for people facing compulsory purchase orders or other massive disruption if it did go ahead, that's not much comfort.


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Still more money to be made from 'new plans'.

Or, the money laundering has already been done.

Not sure if we worked out where the money was coming from but it could be the sources all of a sudden have no money to launder thanks to recent global events.


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I was sure that I had read somewhere that the London Resort were due to supply an update to the project in September time. However, upon further inspection it was by the end of this year.

In the interim since the last major update however, the company's design arm has outstanding accounts which are due, or else they risk being dissolved. The statement was produced to the company a month ago, so they have one more month to get their accounts in order. It's looking bleak as ever too, as local protestors continue to hammer home the fact that the peninsula is an SSSI and should not be used for a theme park, and all social media outlets for the company appear to have gone cold.

Some nerds remain optimistic, pointing out the fact that since the original submission, the company have had all the hurdles faced with the project identified for them, so now it's simply a matter of fitting proposals between the goal posts.

As I'm sure most of us here share a common opinion, I would not be surprised if this is the true demise we have been waiting for, for the London Resort.
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