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Is Ghostrider a GCI now?


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
Was recently in discussion on top favorite GCI coasters, and realized that I still have Ghostrider classified as a CCI in my rankings. While I typically air on the side of keeping a roller coaster category to its original designer unless significantly and purposely rebuilt or re-designed, ala Phantoms Revenge, I guess it never dawned on me to re-categorize Ghostrider. While there was a complete retrack and re-profiling done, there’s definitely the original layout that still remains keeping it in weird quasi, albeit drastically improved, CCI design.

What say ye?


Hyper Poster
Nah. It’s still a CCI.

It’s not too dissimilar to what GCI did to the Coney Island Cyclone over the course of several years or what CSM did to Efteling’s Python. All three are significantly improved products, but are still simply reprofiled layouts as opposed to reimagined layouts. The essence of the original designer’s layout is still intact.

Jarret Stroud

Roller Poster
Nope. CCI built it in 1998. GCI only give it new trains and retrack the ride. I hate that people call Ghostrider a GCI when they only refurbish it.